Karen residents frustrated my 6M business

In the name of insecurity


Karen is already insecure. Nairobi is a collapsing sewerage. Filthy, polluted, eyesore’s everywhere, insecure, and multi-storey residences are slowly but surely adding up (in Karen). Karen is still among the best neighbourhoods of the bunch, but its glory days are well and truly behind it.

New money wenye tunataka serenity tuende wapi?

Old Money ya Karen wako predominantly in Nakuru (Kijabe & Naivasha), Laikipia (Nanyuki) and Kajiado (Ololooitikosh).
If you are willing to gamble on Konza being a success. Ukambani (Machakos & Makueni) can also be an attractive destination.

Nanyuki iko na wazungu wengi per capita buana. Unaeza dhani uko in a small village in North England. Hao watu wanapenda jua sana

Kitisuru, Gigiri, Runda, Tigoni, Banana Hill… hizo sides. My opinion is that there’s going to be pockets of rich areas coming up. Not large like Karen, Muthaiga, Lavington, Loresho…. The reasons is that those areas were incorporated into city master plan hundred years ago. New county governments have no such vision or willpower.

Now who is the marginalised community?
si Nairofi ilikula kiambuu na kavete yote na hakuna anaye lalamika?

I think in Nairobi we hit the worst. Only because the government has opened up environs with these superhighways. Developers will find it much more profitable to build apartments on areas served by superhighways.

Lakini she built a business without Karen Homeowners Association approval. She should have known. They are a pain in the ass.

Runda and Gigiri are actually preferable. Unauza cocaine and other hard drugs to the addicted expats bila kusumbuliwa.

My city is demolishing all those elevated highways

Yeah, they served their purpose.