Karen Nyamu

Friday, August 27, 2021 – Controversial city lawyer and former Woman Rep contestant, Karen Nyamu, embarrassed herself while trying to flaunt Ohangla moves.

Comedian Jalang’o shared a video of Karen dancing to a popular Ohangla song to promote the upcoming Luo Festival but Netizens were not impressed with her moves.

A section of social media users urged her to stick to Mugithi since her waist is too stiff.


Mugithi ya Samidoh anaweza Sana … :D:D

Ana peleka firirinda kwa ohangla !


There is concerted effort to dumb down a generation by the evil West. Part of the plan is to preoccupy bleks with non-issues like EPL on TV, soap operas, video snippets like the one above and much more. Unfortunately, Kenyans, led by ktalkers, seem to be leading from the front. We now have a generation that ain’t interested in anything progressive but sideshows. For example, what is to be benefited from the video above?


Mujamaa umeanza kusound kama @Azor Ahai

Mwanamke amechoma picha kweli. She can’t dance to save her life. I still would mind planting a seed inside her.

Ukuwe step husband wa Samidoh sindio?

Ohangla with no big booty show is nothing

Sloppy seconds after samido amesha breed yeye? Unaenda kuogelea kwa mkojo ya mwanaume mwingine?

That crazy woman must have a good one. Siwes mind kuongeza milage.

Ulambe sperms ya samido sio? Soo ghay

Why are we giving this whore airtime? Ni nini ya maana amefanya.

I would believe you if I hadn’t seen tens of Americans dying of Covid-19 while still swearing against the vaccine. Ujinga is an equally distributed resources. Bahati ya West ni ati waliomoka mapema zaidi yetu.

Exactly, wonder why githeri man won a presidential award and not the laikipia mechanic making “cars”

Other than mikono na tumbo nimeona zikimove… wait Ohangla dance move ni mikono na tumbo?

I too become saddened by this current development. While Americans are discussing issues like going to Mars or developing vaccines for covid, our youth on the net are busy discussing trash like this.

As predicted she will not take action.

Saturday, 04 September 2021 – Controversial lawyer and politician, Karen Nyamu, will not leave Samidoh because of the first red flag she encountered last month when he assaulted her at night.

Taking to her social media pages, Karen wrote, “Normalise leaving after the first red flag, I won’t do it but you guys should.”

The post comes a few weeks after Samidoh stormed her house at night, breathing fire and accused her of cheating on him with other men.

He alleged that another man had flown her to Mombasa for vacation.

The popular Mugithi singer left her with injuries on her eyes and forehead and smashed her expensive phone on the floor.

Samidoh and Karen Nyamu are expecting a second baby.