Karen Nyamu’s other baby daddy speaks on toxic relationship

Friday, 13 August 2021 – Dj Saint, the father of Karen Nyamu’s firstborn child, has revealed why their relationship hit a snag.

Speaking in an interview on Radio Jambo, the hunk deejay said his relationship with Karen got toxic, prompting him to walk away for the sake of their daughter.

Saint said they used to fight all the time, which was not a conducive environment to raise their daughter.

However, Saint said there is no bad blood between him and Karen Nyamu.

He revealed she is an amazing mother to their daughter.

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Friday, 13 August 2021 – Karen Nyamu’s first baby daddy, Dj Saint, had a candid interview on Radio Jambo where he opened up on his relationship with the former Nairobi Woman Rep contestant.

Dj Saint revealed that he co-parents with Karen Nyamu after parting ways over irreconcilable differences and disclosed what he told Samidoh when they met at his daughter’s birthday party early this year.

Saint revealed that he told Karen Nyamu to invite Samidoh to the party after finding out that they were dating.

Samidoh honoured the invitation and during the birthday party, Saint pulled him aside and warned him against interfering with his daughter’s life.

“Ilikuwa Birthday ya Mtoi wangu…I told her that ‘call your boyfriend to this party, I want to meet him’… juu I need to know who is hanging out with my daughter… unajua it’s a cruel world and I need to know which kind of Man is hanging out with my daughter,” Saint said.

He(Samidoh) came to the party…nikamuita hapo nje nikamshow unadate mother wa Mtoi wangu na hiyo ni yenu, but as long as you don’t interfere with my daughter we will be good. And if you are mean to her tutakosana,” he added.

Tumechoka na thread za huyu maliar

Can’t these 3 excrements not sort out their bedroom issues without involving the rest of the Kenyan population and the sources of information for most of us?

Kila siku, Karen Mnyambo, Samido, sijui DJ Chieth!

Wakwende uko!

Siezi kuwa nikipitana na dume kwa nyumba ati imekuja kuona mtoto ati wanapeana hugs hapo alafu dume iniite kando kunitishia. :D:D:D Lakini kudate single mother hutaka roho.