Karen Nyamu apologizes to Samidoh family as the family goes on vacation to cool off

Being a side plate is never easy. You can’t buy a man’s love ladies. If it’s babies you need, zaa na wazungu uache kupigana na Bibi za wenyewe. @Finest wine fika mama, Udaku haitaki uzembe


She’s a director in Nairobi Water. Unye Hawa madirectors uliwatoa wapi?

She is a home wrecker. Nothing else to say about her. Why did she not dump him when she out he was married. They have both stupid. Can they now raise boy quietly

Kunguru ile ya kawaida.

Hakuna quietly itakua hapa. They’re both very immature.

Ignore my typos. Hiyo senator seat hata pata. And he has started losing contracts. Kwani how famous and rich is this man

oh, so you think mixed babies are better ? African men are inferior…or they collectively behave in a certain way ? Does this allow me to make a blanket assumption about African women ?

Diversifying the gene pool is good for the viability of the offspring. Look at Obama. That’s why when relatives mate they get retards. Nothing personal. Just diversity to improve the viability.

I dont agree, but you have the right to your claim. Do your thing yeah

He’s brand ambassador and MC and musician. I’m sure if you have a wedding or a children’s event you don’t want an adulterer singing or mcing at your wedding. It’s a bad omen.

Karen might make it though. Politics is a dirty game. The dirtier you are the better for you.

You weren’t paying attention in biology class. Read this.


These white men are more likely to kill you and the kids more than Kenyans.

She did not come across as apologetic at all. Anyway I am done reading her.We 1st wives don’t condone such women.

I paid enough attention to know that there is more genetic diversity in a single district in Africa than anywhere else on the planet…if genetic diversity is what you are looking for, you dont even need to cross 2 counties, let alone countries

I was more confused after watching it. She’s helping Samidos wife who she has never met or spoken with , she wanted Samidoh to claim his child publicly bcz she was tired of the child being trolled. She doesn’t want to get married because married men are cheaters. Talk about confusion.

A real man never leaves his wife and children for a MWK.

I was livid. I hope that foolish cop stays with his wife. Hapa hakuna wife

Now that both Samidoh and Karen have money,…the narrative has shifted from the usual banter about broke ass men to mzungu sperm donors. This capote!

She’s back to work at her law firm.


some things are not to be said out loud.

You never know…

you just may never know.