Karen Nyamu and Mr. Muchoki in Ndalass

@Finest wine what is the first wives club saying? Where does Karenzo get all this energy? I’m tired just following this Merry go round online. What kind of life is this now ati love.


My inbox is full of angry texts from punda wives like yours truly. The pair are despicable, sick and stupid. You know I am Samidoh’s new stalker? so I follow almost everything about him on shoshomedia…so I happened to watch him celebrate his birthday at some children’s home. Eday- punda wife was there…she is heavily pregnant:mad:. I looked and concluded that Samidoh did not want anything to do with Eday. His body language told it all. I also happened to watch a clip on Jeff Kuria where Samidoh had taken his family to Masai Mara last year. Again it was evident that it is over between them.
Now Eday is pregnant and so is Karen.

The ball is in Eday’s court. She needs to divorce this pig ASAP!!!. But Samidoh is a very big baller at the moment and so she is likely to lose in the financial stakes. I don’t know why she got pregnant again for this beast. This is humiliation beyond humiliation. I can’t imagine what she is going thru right now with the whole world talking about it. And now that my BP has gone up again…I recall the clips I sent you a while back which you never watched am sure. It was Jeff Kuria arguably one of Samidoh’s closest cronies interviewing Karen and actually in a way that sold her to the viewers. The comments were lit with positive comments from the usually angry fans. Another blow for Eday.

I thought Samidoh was clever…alas he ain’t. He is just a shagsmodoz impressed with Karen’s CV. Now we his mafans are not talking about his tour but about his domestic stinky life. Poor poor poor Eday. Let us not forget that Karen is pregnant too.
I won’t lie to you that if it was I, Finest Wine, Samidoh would be served with divorce papers at the airport on arrival. I would divorce him.

Punda wives here have a habit of getting babies when the marriage starts falling apart. It’s called the sunk cost trap. Eventually it will end. She better just cut her loses b4 she loses more and more and more. If you have ever been done with a man you know that even if an angel from above appears to plead his case its a done deal bcz feeling zikiisha zimeisha its like trying to resurrect the dead.

Anyway, I don’t know if it is true that Eday once cheated but this is another issue that destroys relationships irretrievably. Even if you forgive, you cannot get past that and it’s why so many married women cheat and sleep around bcz of the initial bitterness of being shitted on.

Karenzo knows it’s over but for Samidoh it’s a power play. Ati he’s hiding Karenzo. Wapi? They’re togeza like white on rice.

I have just seen a clip…on arrival Samidoh has ‘addressed the ishu’ and I want to puke. Karen has also fuelled the fire more by releasing a statement that implies she is alone in some far flung State. She refuses to be hidden away and in a way she is right in fighting for recognition.
Both women need to dump Samidoh since he won’t admit that he has 2 wives. So stupid.
And yes Punda wives do get pregnant when the marriage is on the rocks as a way of trying to save face and prove to the world that the marriage is intact. So so wrong.

His new nickname is SHAMIDOH…

Mbona anapost hizo vidéo on social média with that side chick?

You can cheat all you want but going the extra mile to post the pictures looks very psychopathic.

Ama ni huyo Karen anapost?

I think you can relax. It’s two women going against each other. Rather one going after the other. Karen is fighting hard to be acknowledged as Samidos wife. She knows he can’t leave his wife for her. If anything, he can dump her ( Karen) in a heartbeat. Samido here is just playing PR. It was nothing against Karen. Someone leaked the airline tickets. With a pregnant wife at home, he has to damage control. But that message got to Karen too early.

I disagree. It is not 2 women going against each other. The picture is clearer now as Karen has released another foolish statement.
It is a case of 2 women being manipulated by Samidoh. In an ideal world, they should both dump him ASAP and make him pay for the upkeep of the kids he is siring bila kufikiria.
Ateee someone leaked the tickets? who other than Karen with Samidoh’s consent else how did she get hold of them?BTW Karen is also pregnant.
Samidoh needs to man up and let the world know that he has 2 wives and tell the media to back off…but he won’t.

Yeah at first I suspected she leaked them especially with the manicured fingers. Not sure why Samido points to otherwise. If she did, what’s her point. Question I have for you is why would Samido manipulate Karen. She’s accepted to be a co-wife. She even says it on the video. So far we don’t know his wife’s position, so we don’t know what he tells her. Honestly all this drama comes from Karen.

He is manipulating her by allowing her to put out such evidence and then hide away instead of defending her or standing by her.
Actually he knows he there is no way he would have ferried Karen to the States and hide this from the public. He is not stupid…he knew this would leak. Now he needs to stop this mind games and own them both.
Manipulation games at stake and it is sad as there are kids involved.

I don’t get that one. The only person such info would spite is his wife. In fact, that’s the first thing I thought when I saw the post. Would he really do that to her? Yeah men cheat but it’s not to spite their wives.

What don’t you get? he knows Karen cannot keep her gob shut…and actually why should she? he also knows Karen would be spotted in the audience anyways…
He has hurt Eday so much this time, there should be no turning back. Escorting him to the airport to be re-united with Karen in the plane ehh?
Then when Karen shows the world the tickets he denies the whole thing. Is he not manipulating the 2 women who love him dearly? not to forget that he is a mshamba so he has no class. Ashindwe.

Kama his wife escorted him to the Airport, Karen alicheza chini and sneaked inside. So she had to rub it on his wife’s face. Na kuambia this thing is just Karen.

Let me step out of the 1st wives cocoon and be Karen. She is one side chick that won’t be cowed into her mousy position. So whose fault is it that she is still in Samidoh’s married life??? There are side chicks who know how to play their role…unaiba vitu za mke mwingine kama umekimwa ki!

SAMIDOH!!! should defend her from the online trolling by acknowledging her publicly. Else it remains manipulation in my eyes coz he is lying to both of them and HUMILIATING both of them. Who even knows what he tells Eday in private?

Of course he told her he’s going on tour but I bet 100% he forgot to tell her Karen would be on the trip. How comes she wasn’t invited. So tweets of those airline tickets is probably Karen kindly informing her co-wife of the situation.

Eday posted photos dropping Samidoh, kidogo Karenzo posted herself on the flight. Its like they checked in togeza coz Karenzos luggage was next to luggage that looked like the one on Eddys photo. Kidogo it’s like Samidoh denied that they were togeza on the flight. Karenzo posted their tickets. The guy is trying to distance himself ati they are not together and she’s lying. Yaani utoto ingine unbelievable.

He’s milking the war. That’s why he’s not defending her and never takes photos with her. He doesn’t want to be seen as lambistic ile ya Kibe Ben 40. What mgtow mashoga call Simping. I don’t understand polyamorous relationships bcz the last relative of mine who was polygamous was my great grandfather. Nobody I know personally is polygamous so I don’t know who should be acknowledged where.


The blame monkey sits on Samidoh’s shoulder if you ask me. He should grow up pretty quickly. He will soon be a dad of 5!!!

I have some research on this saga of these 2 childhood sweethearts…

It is true that Edith once had an affair …
Samidoh claims he forgave her and moved on …
It does not seem the case now …
It could be a revenge thing , or Samidoh is under sort of influence by Karen ( they have a Child together ) …
Or both …

Karen seems also infatuated with Samidoh (… the Bad Boy Syndrome at work …) and he is milking the position for all it’s worth …

Edith has 2 children and more to loose in the event of a serious fallout with Samidoh so , for now , she endures the unhappiness …
But for how long …???




Edith is not exactly without options …
She is fairly attractive and not as promicuous as Karen …

The avenue open for her is to get a mature , discreet side dish and also enjoy her life …
I doubt that Samidoh would even care … :D:D