Kapoti gift

Niaje @TrumanCapote ,I have these limited edishen tshirts na nimwekuwekea moja extra large so that it can accommodate hio tumbo yako kubwa imejaa juis ya miraa ya kangeta.Utaikujia ama nikutumie na g4s nipatie driver @Chiefguest akuletee na lorry ya FH?[ATTACH=full]471151[/ATTACH]

I have seen women in kiliminani mum’s confess that hio foreskin does wonders.
Nikafanya research pale reddit Na Quora Na nikaona pia men wenye hawajakatwa have more intense orgasms.

Hii Ni ukweli…ukikatwa hio foreskin your tip of the penis which has about 4000 nerve endings is exposed to all manner of rough surfaces such as jeans which damages them hence leading to lower sensitivity and milder orgasms.

Mimi I won’t Circumcise my boys if I decide to have kids


When a hyena wants to eat it’s kids, it accuses them of smelling like goats…

Kapotty will enjoy

Pochi = foreskin

Gaay thread