Kapoti complaining

Hi boss. Please hide my ID. I am a married lady aged 32 and secondary school teacher and my husband works with a certain company as a sales manager. We have 2 kids. I think I can be helped here.

My husband has a tendency to eat good food when he is out or at work and then buys cheap food for me and my kids at home.

Yesterday I saw him at Kips Restaurant in Blantyre eating 2 pieces of chicken and chips. He didn’t see me and since I was with my friends, I didn’t go to say hi.

Fastforward, I called him on phone and told him buy me pizza when coming. Sir you can’t believe it, this man bought one pin groundnuts instead of pizza. No sham3. What he ate is maybe ten times costlier than what he bought. I told him I saw you eating at Kips then he said his friend bought it for him. I am so disapp0inted, this man is so sti*ngy. If I tell him to buy us bread, he will buy the smallest size of the lowest quality which will not be enough for the kids to eat at a sitting let alone me.

When I tell him to buy fruits, he will buy plenty r0tten fruits at cheap/give-away price and we will end up throwing most of them to the dust bin. Please what do I do because it’s so baad and saad to live with a man who doesn’t care about what his wife and children eat. please advise me guys.

Huyo ni perdition. Ana kula balozi na sembe


Ameshapigwa rubber stamp mbili. Angeringa mapema. Alafu story za FB wacha huko ama ikibidi leta za Kenya sio Blantyre sijui Lilongwe nameless cracks in the wall


Hiyo salary yake ya high school teacher anunue chicken and pizza akule. After all the husband is buying even the food in the house


And may be paying rent & fees too.


Baloozi ni 250 , ugali ni 20 . Nyama mbimbi akitaka anachinja my many goats and chicken. Amka ukunie kabla mamako aamke kushodea juu ya shode yako chief
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Why do people mistake expensive food for good food? Hata madem would rather wapelekwe Chicken Inn wakule kuku za freezer as opposed to a local yenye iko na kuku imetolewa kwa kibanda Na kuchinjwa ukiona.

Women don’t like using their brains

most prob watoto hapana yake