@kapodi's brother ameoa mzungu - murume anapikia bibi pork

@TrumanCapote I thought meru men never enter the kitchen.


No hog for me.

Those words would break rexxsenga to the core

Wazungu wives are pretty useless to be honest. Can’t/won’t cook even the most basic of dishes. How do you have 3 kids and still not know how to cook?

Most are economically empowered hence they don’t even bother themselves with silly chores like cooking, washing etc. Atoke kazi yake yenye inamlipa $3500/month, aload nguo kwa washing machine, aende dinner kwa restaurant with her car, apitie supa achukue wine, arudi kwa nyumba akunywe wine moss moss akisikiza some sad songs, atumie his 1001 dildos to wank, alale and then repeat. Breakfast huwa anachukua kwa drive by. Lunch anakula kwa company. So utapata such women hawana time ya kuingia jikoni kabisa.

It’s the modern world. Which slay queen will break her makucha to cook for you ugali?


There’s also mail order food ile you pay monthly subscription. Zile wanapika alafu wanadeliver every few days. Kama [COLOR=rgb(44, 130, 201)]@purple [COLOR=rgb(0, 0, 0)]alikua na hiyo service coz she was too busy as a nurse, I remember her asking which service people use.

Niliona such service ikitumiwa sana na homeless guys

Not those ones of a food pantry. Like Hellofresh?

How convenient

Okay but how come it is the men who cook yet they also work?

This sounds very expensive.

It is very expensive.

Equality shenanigans.

Tesco stuff zi hukua za homeless and housebound nyanyes

Hehe. This reminds me of a Kenyan youtuber called YummyMummy. She was a housewife, had a mboch and a nanny. She was coming under pressure from viewers everyday to justify her value in that marriage mpaka eventually alifunga channel :smiley:

Wanawake wanataka smooth life to atone for the patriarchy that has had them on the choke for millennia


Not when it’s pork.