Kanze Dena: Save and invest when an opportunity comes


This should be indoors meeting between her and Kenyan Cnn, people are hungry for good news not media buddies stories

I hope jambas is saving coz on aug 10 2027 wembe ni huo huo.

I think jambaz will be one of the richest men in Kenya by 2027. Kalenjins loot mercilessly

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She added too much weight since her departure from reading the news.

I think she was eating too much Nile perch tilapia with ugali. Just like Wuod Ugenya


I hear cows are slaughtered daily at State House…haha

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she got married and gave birth along the way I thought?.. prolly baby fat


Alinona kiaibu. Ni kamahakuwa analipwa shittycitizen



But your mommy isn’t saving and investing because you are crying for chapati daily

She is a pretty educated woman ako sawa

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Mlevi alimkulisha mkia ya kondoo ile amezoea