Kanye's Back With Some Off-Lookin Woman

Kanye West, recently under fire from fans, stirred controversy again with his latest Instagram post featuring his wife, Bianca Censori.

The 46-year-old rapper shared risqué photos of Bianca on January 20, which left many fans uncomfortable and vocal in their criticism.

The initial photo showed Bianca entering a room, wearing a leather coat with a dramatic slit at the back, complemented by leather boots and a mask revealing her face.

However, the second photo escalated the daring nature of the post.

In this image, Bianca, still in the same outfit, ditched the coat to reveal an extremely minimal string thong.

Fans quickly filled the comments section, expressing their discomfort with West’s portrayal of his wife.

“There is nothing but symbolism in these g*** pictures that you’re posting of your new wife, it looks like you’re trying to sell her to the highest bidder… smh do better YE,” wrote one user.

A third also stated: “He makes her look like a fool. Her family must be so embarrassed for her.”

One fan criticized the symbolic nature of the images, suggesting West was objectifying Bianca, while another expressed concern about the seeming lack of respect for her autonomy.

The critical comments extended to concerns about the impact of such images on West’s daughters, with one user remarking on the potentially negative influence and another bluntly questioning his judgment as a father.

Afadhali Ile Bianca carol ya talkers pale thika road , succulent like maembe ya carthonzweny



Hawa watu wawili wana shida zisizoeleweka. Unauwekea ulimwengu picha za mkeo akiwa amevaa uzi za nini, hehehe.
And that hypersensitive talk of sijui he’s disrespecting her, is lubbish. She’s an adult, and she consents to do these lewd stunts, or she would have already left and sued him for indecently exposing her–can two walk together unless they be agreed?
Wote ni mafala tu.


That woman knows exactly what she is doing.

zile court cases she will bring in the future, atameza pesa like siiet.

Look at how obedient whores have closed in on Vince McMahon wa WWE. At old age, mzee is weak to fight, and is likely to settle with alot of money.

Thats the aim of most of these submisive zungu ladys


You could be right. Anaeza kuwa anategea kumkamua kamukamu naye anafikiri wanacheza.


Amos 3:3❤️

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And you think Kanye doesn’t know this? Already amemefanya asign documents to show she’s in sound mind and has accepted to be used like the whore she is
Kanye si fala amekuwa kwa hii game for decades buana