Kanye West does it again

None can hope to match Yeezy’s artistic brilliance. Introducing the Adidas Yeezy 400 Boost sneakers.

And I thought Balenciaga had the ugliest shoes. Looks like they’ve been dethroned.

Ata sterling anauza fiatu[ATTACH=full]338431[/ATTACH]

Those yeezy look like they were inspired by nike foamposites.

Inakaa meli ya vikings

Utastunya mazgwebe

Are you insinuating that Kanye’s incredible artistic mind didn’t come up with this amazing design all by itself? That’s blasphemy.

Hizi ni mzuri za kuenda shamba

The absolute fuck is this??

When huarachi sneakers came out, guys were not v kind in their reviews until they tried them out. V comfortable! Maybe these ones are comfy too but they are damn ugly alright!

Heshimu zigwembe

Ni vibaya jamani. Anapata inspiration yake wapi? Manga cartoons?

Must be from a crocodile jaw

Vybz kartel alipromote hii kiatu mbaya sana .

Wangeziita tu John Deere waluhya wanunue.

Na zile za Nas- Biscuit


Thought its his brains on display