Kanyamunyu Gun Saga


A guy with a high profile woman whose family members are being malaysiad by Nkurunziza ends up shooting an innocent man who had gone to apologize after a minor fender bender. This happened in banana republic next door. The cover up story had been that the victim had been caught in a crossfire between assassins and Kanyamunyu. On his death bed, the victim said that the guy who took him to hospital, Kanyamunyu, is the one who actually shot him, .
To complicate things, Kanyamunyu is Besigye’s nephew and his wife is one of the sureties. This case seems like the typical ruling class vs common mwananchi.

IMO if the Burundian government operatives were to be sent to finish him and his woman, there’s no way he’d put up a fight. Even the late Jacob Juma was a licensed gun holder sitting behind bullet proof vehicle but he’s somewhere 6 feet underground holding a torch that has probably run out of batteries. I believe most of these guys who get guns for protection have no training whatsoever in handling these weapons and cannot defend themselves when the need arises.

In kenya, those guns are not for protection but ya kutishia raia and a show of financial might. Kwanza with the statement they all love saying while brandishing it , “unajua mimi ni nani???”


Depends on the circumstances even soldiers get killed despite extensive training.

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Ka meffi ka tony kizungu yako ni ya kuokota… Mwanzo hata kujieleza hujui

Someday I want to own a short gun for killing eagles

Self defence depends alot on how much adrenaline you produce and how well you can control your trembling muscles when thrust into sudden danger. The outcome of the shots you fire in self defence will depend on that adrenaline and circumstances around you e.g the attackers movements and perceived intentions.

Unfortunately you may not have much control over your body’s reaction and may at times be rendered comatose, shocked stiff. Happens even to soldiers, used alot by terrorists, shock and awe. On a good day though especially if you anticipate the danger, you may be lucky to use the weapon well, accurately and with something to show to the police:D

The truth though is that many civilians faced with danger would be too slow to draw, too inaccurate to place a shot and too shocked to move into cover. They would most certainly be inviting the grave!


Ochi wacha kelele if you have a licensed gun one is always told to be practicing at range places thus you are familiar and comfy with it you wont panic when confronted i have a .357 magnum and i do regular practice , siku moja naona nikiingia dandora niangushe wezi kama wanne hivi .

They mostly get killed by other extensively trained people.

Training is mostly meant to increase chances of survival and not make you immortal.

Imbecilic monkey with vestigial tail.

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Otenga inakula kifaranga yake


Hizo vitu hupiga sweep vifaranga na sungura mbaya mbofu,nimeenda hasara mingi sana juu ya huyo ndege


Osungu.dll imeleta shida…ile mbisha ya TATA ikuje

he he he @uwes, a bullet costs 80/=, if you were to train to be as proficient as the RECCE you would need lots of cash just to buy enough parabellums:D

Reminds me of one statement made during the late Fr. Kaiser’s inquest: A shot gun is not a short gun.

Dawa yake kwa vifaranga ni kuvipaka rangi isiyo ya kawaida, k.m. Samawati au zambarau.

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Hahahaaa mama wa vifaranga atawakataa pia,mark you hii kitu inabeba hadi kuku wakubwa

Imeleta shida wapi…are you one of the genetically modified students

Shot gun kaka

Ohhh kizungu yangu ni ya Canada