Kanjo Parking in Nairobbery

So yesterday I was going for a meeting and in my hurry I forgot my phone in the office. I realized after I had left, so to avoid more time wasting by going back to work parking, I parked on the street and opted to walk back to the office and pick the phone. So a very aggressive looking young man smoking a cigarette approached me as I alighted and told me he wants 100 bob upfront to watch my car, so I told him maybe when I come back and he was like ,madam unajua kuna mwingine alikuja hapa akapark gari kama hii yako akaibiwa laptop na 500k. Mentally I was like you dont need to use thinly veiled threats to get me to give you money . Btw my laptop was in the car. So kurudi I gave him a soc and another guy called Arsenal, I know him from a previous incident, saw me giving him the money and was like unawezaje kumpea hiyo pesa yote. So the Arsenal guy now started following my car and was very y aggressive asking for money he was actually poking my elbow , I simply told him he wasnt there and even if the parking spot was his its then other guy who was looking after the car. So I realized this Arsenal guy isnt normal, he is actually high as a kite, I looked at his arms and it was full of track marks so he was probably injecting heroin. The incident that made me know this arsenal guy was one day I left work at night and my boot was open and some of the parking boys manning that parking which is the kanjo parking outside the building I work in told me my boot was opened and they closed it . I had had an accident and the boot was having trouble closing and the guy who hit me a school van for a school took the car to fix it but did a shoody job so in the end I had to just do the repair myself. So the boys wanted something but I dint have loose money so I told them I will sort them the next day. The next day I went to look for them nikapata Arsenali who as usually wanted to reap where he had not sown. He pretended like he was the one but I refused to give him money, so after he left,the boys seemed to be scared of him, came and because I had a different car that day because I took the one with the bad boot to my mech, the kid told me the color and make of the car and even the number plates so I knew he was the one. Since it was at night I didnt see their faces too well.

Looking at the two men arsenal and the cigarette smoking one I just got a feeling that these are guys who break into peoples cars na mukikutana corner mbaya watakupiga ngeta without a second thought. Basically if I am parking in kanjo parking I like parking where theres an actual security guard or an older looking man or younger child, the young men just give me a bad vibe . I rarely use kanjo parking , even when I want to go buy sea fish at city market I park at the adjacent petrol station or building parking and then I pay the guard . So I really dont know how guys who are using kanjo parking on the regular are surviving because you pay 300 bob then pay the parking boy 100 bob and naskia if you dont pay them even one time the next time they will vandalism your car. For me I really avoid these parking men because in actual fact they are actually thugs just by looking at them and interacting with them you can tell and they are high most of the time. Anyway, I am just wondering how people who actually use kanjo parking ensure their cars dont get vandalised or whatever is in the car like if you leave laptop or anything isnt stolen. Personally I am very careful about where I park because I know people who have had very bad ordeals including car theft especially for keyless cars. I take alot of precaution about where I park but sometimes you just cant help it , if theres no privately owned parking its you kanjo and those thug looking guys. I actually appreciate the parking boys doing something instead of turning to crime and thats why sometimes I will even leave a mall parking and park outside because I am like first of if I am in a hurry and I just wanna check in and check out, I dont want to go through like Westgate check, dog sniffing the car and then go to basement look for parking and then once you are through queue topay at the KAPS booth and their pay machines doesnt take new notes. You know, its a hustle if you are in a hurry, so I park outside and leave some kid manning the car then when I return I give the finje Id have paid Kaps. Two birds killed with one stone. Help some poor kid make a living and save time. Generally ,I fear kanjo parking Ive heard all kinds of horror stories from people who park in kanjo parking. Because of the cartels involved. I only park in kanjo parking as a last resort when I ran out of options. Id rather even pay 200 for 15 minutes in a private parking than leave my car in kanjo parking.

I avoid going to town with the car, it’s just too overwhelming for me. Anyways I’m not a regular town person, once in a while and when I do, I park at those private parking, hapo Barclay’s plaza, now manned by ‘arabs’.
Used to park at the high Court paid parking.
Kanjo parking is a no for me, I’d rather take a mat. I’ve had my folks loose side mirrors, wipers, wiper nut cover(couldn’t imagine) logo, fog lights…

Uko sure??

Tangu those broke in my car and stole 3k and $200 after had parked opposite garden hotel during the stanchart marathon, I vowed never to go to town driving

I park and tell them i’m not paying anything waibe tuonane, it works well though i usually do short-term parking one boy told me mzee unakataa kutoa ya macho gari itaibiwa vitu, i told him nangoja waibe ata yeye will be in hot soup-alafu natoa macho ya mungikism . Nyinyi ndio mnaleta hii ukola in the city.

How much is it now? I just give the parking attendant his and go my way,mambo ya kutajirisha Sonko issa NAH!!!

ni 200 these days…

In fact by doing so, they ensure that your car is secure!!