Kanjo and paid parking spreading like wild fire

So i went to visit a buddy in Ruai…been there afew times before. This time nikasema wacha niingie hapo Naivas nichukue afew items. The moment i put my car in park…blood sucking vampires in yellow coats were already on my case. Wako na tablets nowdays. Guys demanded i pay 200bob for parking or they bill me via mpesa direct of which if i dont pay kuna penalty. So this Watchie who is close to us akanishow nitoe gari nje niweke ndani ya basement. Afew chit chat with my buddy about the new occurrence akanishow Kanjo wamekuja Ruai 2 weeks ago…kama hujalipa parking they send you a msg to pay 200bob within 15mins… kuna mama alitumia penalty bill ya 2000bob coz she didn’t respond within 15mins… … no way you can escape the bill. Kanjo wamekuwa wajanja…they can clamp your car anywhere in this country as long as you have an outstanding penalty…ukipewa penalty huko Ruai uhepee Moyale kanjo wa huko a run license plate yako anakuwekea clamp…hii system wadau itatuuuua… … sasa hapo Ruai kuna Quickmatt na ma customers wamepigwa fines hadi word has spread…so most people are opting to shop a parking frees mall…at this rate kanjo itaangusha mabishara nyingi sana. Imagine umesimama kando ya barabara for less than 5min uchukue nyanya ya 100bob unapata kanjo wanakudai 200bob ya parking… …anyways am just ranting…over taxation is real bana. Who will liberate us? Imagine every county i have to stop i have to pay parking fees for that county…maumbwa wao

Lipa parking bila kusumbua

Ghaseer si wewe pia unalipa parking huko London…hii ni wizi sasa bana na vile hii solar imemundia bana. Hakuna pesa bana…imagine you have a shop in a building…you will have to pay to park in front of your business…wanafaa kuwa na some kind of system…business owners to be excluded from the parking fees. Na si ati Kanjo wamejenga viwanja za ku park…imagine uko na commercial building but wewe mwenyewe unaambiwa ulipe parking fees…when will this kind of extortion end? Sikia ati unafaa kuwa na license ya kuwa na fire extinguisher kwa buzna…they need to create a penalty for businesses thay dont have a fire extinguisher not demand fees. Watu fakin sana…walai nikikafunga nahama kenya…

Mnaambiwanga kukula dem kwa gari huleta swara hamtaki kuskia.

Juzi uliweka picha hapa ukimanga mtoi wa college kwa ile Honda CRV yako. Hadi dem amekanyaga crocs za watoi:


Sasa unasumbua elders ukilia ati nyanya ya 100 bob, parking ya 200 bob ati overtaxation.

Noma sana.

Noma! Late stage capitalism.


I have been following this debate on social media for a long time… This one is totally extortionist and there are no verifiable controls like video or photographic evidence… they fine you and ask you to pay them part of it so that they can reverse it from their shiiity system… so, you will find someone with lots of fines yet his car has never been in Nairobi and since the mobile number linked to the car could be someone else, you do not even receive their threat sms, so it will automatically fine you after 15 damn minutes… BTW It happened to me but I was lucky I was on the Expressway and called immediately and they agreed to reverse it… I think that they knew that I could produce logs from my Expressway account which has timestamps showing that at the time of the notifications and fines I could not have been in any NCCG parking… Either way, Kenyans are docile sheepish stupid things and that is why the same silly guys are here asking you to just “pay up” or go to helll!

Wanafaa kuwa na timer…hata majuu wanasemanga 2hrs free parking…jamaa wa kanjo akipata ume park more than 2hrs unakula fine…how are we supposed to do quick stop shopping surely


Not that i dont have money to pay silly parking fees…but at the same time exploitation by the local government is wrong.

That is what I mean… just like any Kenyan thing, most workers and citizens have ZERO integrity and will exploit all loopholes to make billions… This is one of the many systems with zero controls so they are minting cash…

11,000 parking fee penalty kwani ulikuwa umepark lorry ya miguu 50? This is beyond extortion

No. I copied it from another group and the guy had not been in Nairobi for a very long time but in Narok.

Waaah hiyo noma sana…kuna mathe alikuwa kwa soko shopping groceries…alinyambishwa 2200 bob…after kuongelesha jamaa wa kanjo vizuri… .akatoboka 700bob ikatolewa…you see…the kanjo personel are the ones making money and they surely will take advantage of the situation until a public outcry.

Exactly! I actually have a pending fine on one of my cars but I do not intend to pay any time soon… I stopped parking in kanjo parking spaces and only park in Malls and other places when I am in town… I am very rarely in town or in kanjo parking zones… Let me see what they will do…

Over taxation is real, wait until ALL motorists are forced to change number plate to new generation( 3000)+ annual motor vehicle inspection ( minimum 2600)…


Squeezing Kenyans to the last coin… then swiftly stolen and stored elsewhere for some few fellows and their important families…

Kaa ngumu kizee…