Kanisa imekataa hii mambo


They would have lost a fraction of their flock that contribute offering meant for financial enrichment.

Wewe hata ni kama hujaelewa hio statement

Church and government is one thing. Politicians and Pastors share the same secret society. it is the same church demanding for vaccination. Hii ni upuzi tupu

You are slow


Hapo ndio na rudi back to my traditional God. Napiga asubuhi naweka compass to show me where Mt. Kenya is. Nainua mkono naomba Mwenenyaga.

You don’t need to dig deep to know the pastas are against govt directives for fear the sheeple will not be in attendance hence a fluctuation in the collections.

Hoi yote ni mambo na sadaka. The fuller the church, the more the offering.

Umefungua link?