Kani Kaka your mother is my girlfriend - Ng'ang'a pastor

:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:Dnini husumbua huyu jamaaa? From smunif dog to kan kaka:D:D:D:D:D

very much expected…


pasta ng’ang’a amefika wo-menopause,his antics are getting crazier by the day:D:D:D:D

na hakiogopi kifala

Upuuusi, I pity his followers

Pathetic, this isn’t even losing it.
It’s, nonsense, garbage.

Show how ignorant and arrogant he is about the trending matters.

you can hear how he struggles to say ‘king kaka’ until someone mentions that to him. Same as sniff dog. IQ ni ya mende, na ya wafuasi wake je

This guy keeps trending because of the attention he receives. Akitrend leo anaenda kwa drawing board kujiuliza what ridiculous nonsense he’ll do next for more attention.

:D:DUnajaribu kusema yeye na dem anapost nudes hakuna tofauti? wote ni clout wanakimbiza?

It’s strange that the more pastor Ng’ang’a gets the more he becomes popular. Before 2019 I didn’t know this dude and now I’m know him more than I know most leaders

Kwani wewe ni mtoto aje? Pastor ng’ang’a of Neno Evangelism was already famous like a decade ago, mostly for slapping the shit out of his congregants in the name of exorcising demons. These current shenanigans started sometime after being accused of killing people through drunk driving. It seems he’s decided no publicity is bad.

Nganga = Nugu

It’s strange that we are calling a business man crazy or “losing it”.
He is in business and has to find a way of retaining his customers and keep them giving. That is why he is entertaining them.
And he is very deliberate in getting the name wrongly.

Boss,si kila mtu anafuatiliaga upuss