Kangogo was a kunguru and flesh peddler

Caroline Kangogo Profile: The mysterious life of Caroline Kangogo who is on the run after killing two men continues to unravel, leaving many puzzled. It is now emerging that Kangogo may have been involved in the business of commercial sex work.
According to one report that appeared in the Citizen, Kangogo may have been a sex worker besides her daily work as a police officer. “Caroline is believed to have been a sex worker besides her work in the police service,” the report said.
A related report that appeared in the Daily Nation said that Kangogo had been reported by commercial sex workers in Nakuru. “Kangogo was once reported by commercial sex workers after she invaded their business complex and confiscated their money. When she was summoned, the officer claimed the sex workers wanted her to register with their organisation,” the report in the Nation said.
Reports have also painted a picture of men fighting over Kangogo. “She entertained men with money and would break up once the money is finished. Most of the times, she said the men would fight over her,” a report on Ms. Kangogo in the Nation quoted an officer. The report in the Nation further added that Kangogo joined the National Police Service on August 8, 2008. She started by serving in Kiganjo before she was transferred to Nakuru.
“Before being transferred to Nakuru in 2015 she had served in Kaloleni and Kenya Police College, Kiganjo. Born in Elgeyo Marakwet 34 years ago, Ms Kangogo attended St Alphonsas Mutei Girl’s High School. She sat KCSE exam in 2006 and scored a C- grade.” In 2015, Caroline was promoted to the Corporal rank, one which she has served in for 6 years now. Caroline Kangogo Profile.

There is a lot we aren’t being told about her life especially in the last few days

Hii jigsaw puzzle ni kubwa kweli

Ati register with their organization? Kuna organization ya Malaya? Iliregister na Registrar of Companies ama Registrar of Trade Unions?

sasa tuseme yeye hapana d minus?

Fancy name for pimp


D- ama C-…must be a typo error…

She was shaking down hoes for their money like any cop would. She also had sponsors. Huyu mwanamke inakaa alikuwa kichwa ngumu ki-design.

Yea there are several:
Sex workers of Kenya
Twilight girls of Kenya
Kenya association of sex workers they have branches in Mombasa, Nairobi, Eldoret.
Prostitutes of Kenya registered in 2002

Ala! Legally registered?

whôe shot two men…
Then shot herself…
Not adding up…

I thought that corporal is the most basic rank… kwani which is?

Constable is the least


@pamba ni constable

Pamba ni SSP

maraya gani inapatiana pesa hizo laki zote. munajua hao watu kweli?

Umesahau ile ‘Sex workers na Ruto’

Most of these police women are bladfuckin, hawawezi kaa na mwanamme wa kawaida, wanakuwanga kichwa ngumu most of them…
i know one friend of mine, she was married, but she used to call me for drinks wakiwa na some male senior cops, saa hiyo bwana ako kwa nyumba.

But those traits are acquired due to work nature, the whole day umeshinda ukipea wanaume commands ukiwa na bunduki, jioni i don’t think you will want to bow to any man.