KANG'ETHE paid Ksh 2 Million to secure his freedom at Muthaiga. Used to earn Ksh 6.8 million per month in the US where he was a senior technician at Chicago Freights- K24 TV investigative journalist reports

Wasted life because of pu$$y. The guy had a good career in the US… Had worked there for 17 years and rose through the ranks to become a senior technician at Chicago Freights. Salary was over 40,000 dollars according to K24 TV reports.

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BS. Did you see pics of his alleged victim? She was cute but not outright stunning.
A dude making that kind of money would have been too busy spinning TV weather girls, campus cheerleaders, model-wannabes, interns at work to even notice or care about a breakup with a postwall


You forget the fact his father was a prominent businessman in Kiambu who even vied for an MP seat… Jamaa familia yao iko sawa…Pia ako na kakitu if he was working as a senior technician. Remember he had worked in the US for 17 years and even gained citizenship…


That salary is same as that of a senior captain pilot in the US Kwani ni technician aina gani Hii??


Wanaume ni ngumu kuelewa… Remember businessman Joseph Kori with all his money went for this kinyangarika…

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Exactly. OP anatubeba babies. Enda danganya toto jeenga

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well, kama truck driver anamake Ksh 2 Million comfortably huko US, what about a senior technician in an established company. Nway, I was just sharing a report from K24 TV…

You believe k24 reports.

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In the US salaries are usually quoted per annum


You believe this guy can just escape from a police station kama kimfuko hayuko sawa? Senior cops were involved in this deal and it must have been very luctrative

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Hiyo ni Kama story ya Franky just Gym it. Ati he’s from a moneyed family Ati he has money. But the guy was perpetually broke. Corazon dumped him coz hakuwa na pesa za rent.


But I think a senior technician in the US is definitely making good money even if the quoted figure by the journalist might have been exaggerated…NB: Having worked there for 17 years

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Senior pilots make up to 200,000 K per year flying for Alaskan, United etc.

Chicago Freight is a truck company. Where are you getting pilots.


Well, si I hear truck drivers in these US companies are paid Ksh 1.5 million to 2 Million per month… So a senior technician is probably earning more… I don’t know. May be mtu ako US aseme vile ground iko

This is what I think as I have seen it before . You hustle and maintain the woman and even pay her tuition. She becomes a nurse making three times what you make and she dumps you since you are not ambitious and her class . She forgets you sacrificed for her . Now you are 40 years with no advancement in your career, no investments and above all no woman and have to start from step one. No woman is worth dying for unless it’s my mother or daughters.


The only woman worth sacrificing is your MOTHER…


Truck drivers can make up to 150 K but it’s a demanding job and you are always on the road especially if you don’t own your truck . People who make the most own their truck/s but you are constantly on the road and your family relationships might suffer.

At 40, he was also likely to get another woman. The guy was just stupid… About investments, word has it that he had rental plots back in Kenya. I think alikua amejipanga by the time he renounced his US citizenship. The guy was just blowing money in uptown clubs before he was arrested at a club in Westlands.