Kangethe Killed Margaret “Maggie” Mbitu For Nothing!

Police Trace Kelvin Kang’ethe’s Phone Signals to Machakos

A special multi-agency team has been formed to nab Kelvin Kang’ethe, the main suspect in the murder of Kenyan nurse Margaret Mbitu at a United States airport in November last year, whose daring escape from Muthaiga Police station puzzled detectives.

Police sources privy to the matter told the press on Thursday that they traced Kang’ethe’s phone signals to Machakos County and have narrowed the search to the Nairobi Metropolis area.

The special team will seek to unearth Kang’ethe’s trail and find individuals he contacted within the last 48 hours and also reach out to locals for information on the suspect’s exact whereabouts.

The police will also seek to establish any possible accomplices and identify how he sneaked out of the police station to Machakos County.

Kevin Adam Kinyanjui Kangethe appears at the Mililani law court in Nairobi

Further, witnesses unearthed details of Kang’ethe’s puzzling escape, explaining how he exited the station’s gate without handcuffs and vanished into the traffic.

According to a vendor who sells sweets a few metres from Muthaiga Police Station, the suspect was reportedly picked up by a vehicle that was trailing him as he ran east of the station, towards the National Youth Service barracks, located a few metres away.

“I saw a man running barefoot yesterday. He wasn’t running that fast and two men were trailing him. There was also a car behind them and they disappeared into the traffic. We didn’t take it seriously so no one raised any alarm,” the vendor stated.

Another witness stated that he saw two men pursuing the suspect; one in police uniform while the other in civilian attire. After a while, he noticed that the duo both turned back and headed back to the station.

“They should have told us to apprehend him because he wasn’t running that fast,” the witness explained.

“In fact, we thought that they were just joking with him. This place is full of people, including roadside vendors, matatu drivers, conductors and the public. We would have arrested him had they told us to.”

The witness confirmed that no bullet was fired during the chase despite police standing orders allowing detectives to shoot a suspect who was fleeing lawful custody.

Kang’ethe is also speculated to have vanished into a small forest, east of the station.

Following the incident, Nairobi Police boss Adamson Bungei ordered the arrest of four police officers manning the station at the time of the escape alongside the suspect’s alleged lawyer.

They will seek to unravel how the suspect escaped the station in broad daylight.

With this kind of personnel, why are we surprised those in jail are escaping? :grinning:

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Police officers on Monday, February 12, arrested the brother of murder suspect Kelvin Kang’ethe believed to have helped orchestrate the escape plan from Muthaiga Station on Wednesday, February 7.

Reports indicated that Kang’ethe met up with his brother in Kiambu moments after escaping and has since been the contact person.

The brother’s girlfriend, considered a person of interest, is in custody and has been included in the investigation as detectives continue their manhunt.

Kelvin Kang’ethe and the Muthaiga Police Station in Nairobi

Preliminary investigations also revealed that the suspect relied on mobile phone numbers registered by relatives to evade police as his phone signals were switched off.

“The two (Kang’ethe and his brother) linked up moments after the suspect escaped and they have since switched off their mobile phones. It is highly believed that they are currently together,” an officer told the media.

Following the escape, a special multi-agency team was formed to hunt down the suspect who had been in hiding for six days.

At the time, Kang’ethe was awaiting a ruling on whether he would be extradited to face a first-degree murder charge in connection with the death of Kenyan nurse Margaret Mbitu at a US-based airport in November last year.

The detectives are piecing together clues to unearth persons whom Kang’ethe has been in contact with after the escape.

Kang’ethe cousin, Beatrice Ng’ethe, was also arrested on Friday last week in connection with the incident.

Police sought to investigate if Ng’ethe, an advocate, played any role in securing Kang’ethe’s freedom from the cells. This is after phone calls revealed that she was in constant communication with the suspect days before the incident.

“She was released as we investigate the matter,” a police source revealed to the media.

The incident has since gained international attention with observers questioning how a suspect who was put on the red notice could sneak out of a heavily guarded police station in broad daylight.

Court Detains Kevin Kang’ethe at Industrial Area Remand Prison

The High Court has ordered murder suspect Kevin Kang’ethe to be detained at Industrial Area Remand Prison, pending the hearing of the case where the State is seeking to extradite the suspect to the US.

The wanted fugitive was rearrested by a contingent of 11 officers in Ngong in a well-laid ambush on Tuesday night.

Vincent Monda, for the prosecution, argued that in this particular case, the State needs to take extra precautions and heighten security levels after the suspect staged a daring escape from the Muthaiga Police Station on Wednesday, February 7.

The prosecution argued that the suspect, who was placed on red notice, ought to be held at an Industrial Area Prison and not a police station. A red notice is a request to all law enforcement agencies internationally to locate and arrest a person pending extradition, surrender or any legal action.

Monda pointed out that the detention would not limit Kang’ethe’s access to legal counsel, and was instead a cautionary measure to ensure that the suspect attends all court proceedings.

Murder suspect Kevin Kang’ethe (centre) during a court session on February 14, 2024

Kang’ethe’s defence team, led by Antony Kago countered the argument, pointing out that the suspect had not been officially charged with any offence to warrant his detention.

“To detain him at the prison remand is a violation of his rights since he has not been charged with any known offence in law,” Kago stated.

Additionally, video footage from the court captured Kang’ethe dismissing journalists’ questions, insisting that they should wait for the case to commence.

“What offence are you talking about? Stop all this and wait for the court to kick off,” he stated.

According to an OB report seen by Kenyans.co.ke, Kangethe was arrested minutes past 10 pm near the Ngong Police Station.

It was reported that senior officers at the station received a tip-off from the public about the suspect’s whereabouts, tracked him down and laid a trap that led to his arrest.

The police bosses also mobilized a contingent of 11 officers from the station who laid a trap for the fugitive and arrested him before he could plan his next course of action. Kangethe is set to be extradited to the US to face murder charges.

Margaret Mbitu who was found dead at an airport garage on November

“The officers who laid an ambush at Ngong township Map BJ 331448 about 3km west of the station (cmm) managed to arrest one Kelvin Kinyanjui Kangethe who had escaped from Muthaiga Police Station on 7/2/2024,” read the police report in part.

Kangethe is currently being detained in Ngong and is set to be transported to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) later in the day.

According to the DCI, the fugitive is wanted in the US for the murder of his girlfriend Margaret Mbitu who was found dead at the Logan Airport. Kangethe is reported to have fled to Kenya after committing the heinous act.

He also compounded his case after he escaped from the Muthaiga Police Station a week ago allegedly assisted by a man posing as his lawyer.

Immediately after breaking free, he ran towards Thika Road with police chasing him down. However, efforts to trace him proved futile.

Phone data records later revealed that he was in Machakos County, but detectives attached to the case were still unable to pin him down.

Notably, his arrest comes a day after police arrested his brother and the girlfriend. The lawyer who allegedly helped him escape from the station was also apprehended and is still under custody.

Meanwhile, four officers were sanctioned following Kangethe’s escape from Muthaiga Police Station.