Kangemi Lanye (LUO or Luhyia)

I need lanye akona good round big ass wa Kangemi please. Sharing is caring. Drop the contacts and pic if possible. Ii wikend lazima ni fuck proper


Go and talk to normal women and convince them to fuck you like the rest of the male species. Paying directly for sex is the lowest a man can get, it shows your position (bottom of the barrel) in this deregulated sexual market place. How do you even deal with the emptiness that comes after paying a hooker and opening the door for her to leave. Piga roundi utafte dame unaeza vibe bro.

Kitu swafi

Malisa hii beta male

Allow me to have fun, kwani ni pesa yako natumia kuwalipa?

Analipisha 150?

Kimbia craiglist na ulete hekaya after

Hiyo si ni ngumu sana? Unless game amejiconvinve mwenyewe tu, hiyo strategy ni ngumu.

Inakua ngumu ukizoea kulipa madame wa tagged na CL. But once umezoea kuinteract na madame in public it becomes easier. Ofcourse the first few times you will flop na hivo ndo unabuild up confidence. It worked for me so it should work for anyone.

Why she stone faced?

Pick on a random chic in street, strike a conversation and you get laid. Hii Nairobi wasichana wana njaa sana.

Emptiness ghanii?? Haha. You’ve been watching too many soap operas. Hakuna emptiness. Kunguru akikumwagisha unaskia poa sana.