kangechu nursing life threating injuries for chewing Someone's wife


nyumba haulipi rent… HASNT BEEN SAID ENOUGH TIMES

DCI seem to be glorifying the act. Kenya is undeveloped truly

Who else thinks DCI is trying to perfect their essay/composition writing for the upcoming KCPE?

That narration imenimaliza.

Bibi ya wenyewe is a no-go zone ~Sauti Sol

Admin @administrator @Mundu Mulosi Bs Ms Ma PhD and ScD invite DCI to hekaya section, nowadays DCI ni hekaya pros

that moist hole between a woman’s legs has caused too many problems for men

the idiot is enjoying it because it is a man who was the victim of the crime. Had the victim been a woman, the narration would have been sombre and sympathetic towards her.

Yet another cautionary tale…

Yaani huyu msimulizi wa DCI ako kiwango ingine bada…kutuletea habari kana kwamba tuko papo hapo moja kwa moja

Kula bibi ya wenyewe Kangechu in trouble

Makosa hapa ni kukulia bibi ya wenyewe kwake otherwise they are fair game and tunawatomba vizuri sana.

Be confident and stop using plurals.

Reminds me of the News Readers on KBC Radio during the “Nyayo Error” …

If you cannot handle the Heat , get out of the Kitchen …



This is a Game Strictly for Seasoned and Experienced Elders only …:D:D:D

wapi findeo

If you age well bila tashwishi,hii unasema inakuwaga msemo tu.

Whores get horny, niggers die