Kanaingizwa Box Tena

He never learns :joy:

We in Jubilee are 100% behind our 2027 Azimio flagbearer Kalonzo. We are tayad of paying 217 for fuer, sugar 450 bob, na bei ya macadamia ni 20 bob, coffee 50 bob. The jokers in power should be kicked out ASAP.

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At an inflation rate of 6.7% and currency depreciation rate, 1 US dollar will be worth 750 shillings barring a miracle. Electing Kalonzo or The second coming himself buana ojinga will not change that.

We’re so far off the rails since Konyagi’s disastrous 10 ten years we can’t even find the train tracks anymore. There’s nothing that will ever change the situation unless we stumble upon a gigantic oil reservoir or someone in Kenya invents the next future technology.

Kitaumana unyambe uhare uamke unyambe tena uhare alafu ulale.

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