Kamwana Now Dares Kenya Kwisha To "Bring It On"!.......

[SIZE=7]Uhuru Explains How Northlands Raid Changed His Mind on Quitting Politics[/SIZE]
[li]by KIOKO NYAMASYO on Monday, 22 May 2023[/li][/ul]
Former President Uhuru Kenyatta on Monday, May 22, revealed why he was yet to retire from active politics eight months after handing over instruments of power to his successor, William Ruto.

Kenya Kwanza has been pushing the former president to retire as per the Retirement Benefits Act which states that a former Head of State should not hold a political seat so as to enjoy his benefits.

Uhuru who was speaking during Jubilee’s National Delegates Convention (NDC), stated that he would not retire from politics.

President Uhuru Kenyatta attends Jubilee Party NDC at Ngong Race Course on Monday, May 22, 2023.

“There was a time I thought I would retire from politics. I thought the time I would come to NDC would be to hand over the mantle of leadership. But some people have decided that they would engage in intimidation and threats,” Uhuru explained why he would not head into political twilight.

Uhuru warned rebel Jubilee members and politicians drawn from Kenya Kwanza of constantly attacking him.

“Today I want to tell them to mess with someone else but not me,” he warned.

The republic’s fourth president revealed that he would not hold back when defending the party.

“I kept quiet when they stole goats and burnt farms. They can continue that but should not mess with the party because it does not belong to Uhuru Kenyatta,” he stated.

Uhuru explained that he was merely a custodian of the party and he would honor that privilege bestowed on him.

He faulted Jubilee Members of Parliament who had joined Kenya Kwanza terming them as betrayers of the party.

“Kenya is a democratic nation and Jubilee agreed to be with Azimio and it is only NDC that can end such agreement…If they are not happy
with being in Azimio, let them stand aside and vacate the political seats they hold courtesy of Jubilee,”
the former president added.


Uhuru then cracked the whip on errant members who he claimed were disloyal to the party.

Speaking at Ngong Racecourse during the party’s National Delegates Convention (NDC), Uhuru noted that such members contravened the party constitution by promoting the agenda of other political parties outside the Azimio la Umoja coalition.

Through Jubilee’s Secretary-General Jeremiah Kioni, the party leader kicked out the following members from their various positions; Jimmy Angweny, Former Buuri MP Boniface Kinoti Gatobu, Naomi Shaban, Nelson Dzuya, Joshua Kutuny, Mutava Musyimi, and East African Legislative Assembly MP Kanini Kega.

Rachael Nyamaye, Advice Mundalo, Executive Director Wambui Gichuru, and Joel Kibe were also not spared.


To replace the ten members: the Jubilee Party’s proposed names included;

Deputy Party Leader Strategy: Beatrice Gambo

Deputy Party Leader Operations: Maoka Maore

Deputy Party Leader Programs Joseph Manje

Deputy Party Leader Outreach - Kados Muiruri

Party Chairman- Saitoti Torome (former PS)

Deputy Secretary General - Yasir Noor

Deputy Organising Secretary - Pauline Njoroge

National Director of Elections - Jamleck Kamau

Women’s League National Chairperson - Maison Leshomo

Youth league, National chairperson - Agnes Thumbi

Youth Secretariat Coordinator - Anthony Manyara

Business Council - Nderitu Mureithi

Parliamentary Secretary - Amina Siyad


“All Jubilee members who openly promoted the policies of other parties outside of Azimio coalition be deemed to have ceased from Jubilee and be removed from the register of members,” Kioni stated.

While delivering his speech, Uhuru read the riot act to the errant members and affirmed that they did not represent the will of the majority within the party.

“Those who got the few positions Jubilee had to share are now telling us they will give the party direction. No, their job is to stand firm and defend Jubilee’s manifesto or step aside and give us a chance to select replacements,” Uhuru stated.

Further, he affirmed that he would continue to advocate for the party’s interests as its party leader and dispelled rumors that he would retire from politics.

“I thought I should retire from politics but others decided to threaten me. I’m telling them today to look for another person, not Uhuru Kenyatta. If you behave like thugs, we will treat you as such.”

“They used to insult me while I stayed silent, They’ve stolen goats and burnt farms thinking they will intimidate me, but the people who gave me this party told me to protect it and I will do so until they select another party leader,” he warned.

This sounds like a similar speech he made when he was president huh, if his threats meant nothing then, should they now mean something?

Blah blah blah…watu waingizwe Ngong forest ama Got Alila for a brisk walk and enjoy nature.

Chama iko imara.
Watu wa UDAku waitishe yao sasa waifanyie statehouse.

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Chupilee is dead, Tunaweza fufua PNU OR DP JSKS akifukuza Sisi. Hatuwezinrudi chama ya durika ya ngina ambayo amekaribisha keypii ojinga.


Mnyambo wa punda…ambieni uyo mlevi mnono awache kelele. Gassia yeye!

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Ati sons of mumbi… Siwezi refer myself witg my mothers name. Simps

This guy should be sipping martinis on some island with all his billions. Instead, he’s picking fights with the sitting president. He won’t win. A sitting president can turn your whole life upside down. State machinery in a lawless land such as Kenya can sink you to oblivion. You would think Uhuru should have learned that from his father Moi.

Akicheza ataamka apate NCBA has been charged with tax evasion, Brookside has some milk quality issues. Mara his farm in Ichaweri is on riparian land. He should just retire in peace and start playing with his wajukuus. His son Jomo got married and daughter Ngina as well. He should be excited to soon be expecting grandkids. Lakini a former president scorned….

this could have happened during Moi Era…saa hi hakuna serikali inaweza zamisha Uhuru…Mola pekee!

Uhuru thinks that he has enough money to run the economy down. He should learn that no 1 individual can go against a government and win. Dos Santos came out of Angola way richer than Uhuru family, even her daughter was the richest black woman and where is he now, he should be wary of poking the bear coz the govt can crush you.
The gava can decide to do a full audit on all your investments over 10 years ad your slapped with a 500B fine, utado?

That sounds like something I heard somewhere…. :rolleyes::smiley:

“Nobody is selling fear to you! Nobody is intimidating you! You have your rights as a former President to do whatever you want, and our Constitution protects you. We will respect your rights just as we protect the rights of these Kenyans…If you want to return to politics, welcome back.
Come to our level, and we will deal with you at our level in the manner you want to be dealt with. We only respect you as our former and retired president. If you want to degrade yourself from the level of a retired president to a party activist, we shall deal with you as a party activist.
Don’t think you will use your wealth to undermine the government of Kenya.”

~ Leader of Majority in the National Assembly, Kimani Ichung’wah, on Monday, May 22, responding to former President Uhuru Kenyatta, insisting that the Kenya Kwanza administration was not intimidating him as alleged.

A tribunal has reinstated embattled Jubilee Secretary-General Jeremiah Kioni, Vice Chairman David Murathe and Treasurer Kagwe Gichohi to their party leadership positions, coming just days after registrar of political parties Anne Nderitu confirmed their expulsion.

The Political Parties Dispute Tribunal’s (PPDT) decision issued on May 22 is likely to add to confusion at the former ruling party in an ownership war between a faction led by Sabina Chege and Eala MP Kanini Kega on one side, and former President Uhuru Kenyatta, Kioni and Murathe on the other.

The Chege/Kanini faction is leaning towards Kenya Kwanza which is led by President William Ruto.

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In the ruling delivered Monday evening, the PPDT has dealt a major blow to Ms Nderitu’s decision to recognize the Kanini faction by suspending the party’s NDC resolution of May 10, 2023 during which Kioni, Murathe and Gichohi were kicked out as members of Jubilee.
“Pending the hearing and determination of the application (filed by Kioni) inter partes, interim conservatory orders are hereby issued staying the decision delivered by the Jubilee Party National Disciplinary Committee on May 10, 2023 to expel Murathe, Kioni and Gichohi from membership of the party,” the tribunal led by chairperson Desma Nungo ruled.
The tribunal further stops Ms Nderitu from acting on the decision of the Jubilee NDC to expel the three top officials from its membership list.
“Interim conservatory orders are hereby issued prohibiting the Registrar of Political Parties from acting on any communication from the Jubilee Party and it’s NDC purporting to expel them from membership of the party,” Nungo ruled.
The Tribunal’s order was issued on May 22 while the Registrar acted on the NDC’s resolution and ratified the expulsion on May 19, two days earlier.

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According, to the tribunal, Kioni, Murathe and Gichohi will remain in office until May 31 when their complaint will be heard.
The tribunal has certified the case by the Kioni faction as urgent and ordered them to serve Jubilee Party and its NDC with their court pleadings and the order.
Further, Nungo granted the party five days to file their responses to the allegations.
The matter will be mentioned on May 31, 2023 for further directions.
[SIZE=6]Seeking reinstatement[/SIZE]
The Kioni faction had petitioned the tribunal while challenging their removal from the party following their ouster. They are seeking to be officially restored into Jubilee Party leadership.
They argue that the decision to oust them, done by Jubilee disciplinary committee on May 10, was flawed and illegal.
They were accused of alleged misconduct and non-adherence to party rules and constitution.
The NDC decision on May 10 was followed by a ruling by the tribunal that the party had not exhausted all internal dispute resolution mechanisms when it decided to kick them out.
The tribunal had referred the matter back to the party after saying that it was not convinced that the Jubilee NDC meeting held on February 10, 2023 in a hotel in Naivasha was properly convened.
During the Naivasha meeting, Kioni was replaced by Kega who was appointed Acting Secretary-General while Eldas MP Adan Keynan was appointed national vice-chairperson to replace Murathe. Gichohi was replaced by Kitui South MP Rachel Nyamai.

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