Kamwana finally freed from the YK92 thug's chokehold

ODM will be supporting TNA’s agenda in parliament! A few months ago, when stupid Kenyans where trading barbs and others wanted to secede, few would have thought we’ll be here. Now Raila is “ndugu yangu” who needs to be consulted and the YK92 thug anaambiwa “kama uko na maswali kuja uniulize!”

For the last 4 years I have been telling people that Raila will be in next government whether he wins or not. Most people (dander heads) wouldn’t believe it! Because to pea brained people, politics is personal; their hate for leaders in the other side of the political divide is deeply felt and personal.

Let me educate you fools. Politicians see themselves as rivals not as enemies! The only constant in politics is ‘interests’. A politicians will align with his worst enemy as along as their interests converge. So instead of hating each other, see through the bullshit and vote visionary, selfless and smart leaders.

Meanwhile, The YK92 thug can no longer dictate the terms of engagement with Kamwana. He has served his purpose and Kamwana doesn’t need him anymore. That’s politics 101.

TNA died with the formation of Jubilee Party

Grow up maskini

As long as he is not president, sisi tunaendelea na biashara zetu na kulima mboga na viazi bila kusumbua

I introduced ‘pea brained’ and ‘pee brained’ terminologies here …You cannot use either of them without saying Bingwa. Senji!

Hatukuli siasa, stupid Kenyan politics

is Raila in government? Which people did you tell

Where are those boomsticks?

Raira will nefa efa!!

kumira kumira is desperately confused

Sasa, can’t you make your point without belittling talkers? Who are you calling pea brained, fools? Who are you trying to educate?

Aki the tone of your post is so patronizing. If you are the king of politics, enda uwanjani upambane na ndume. Usituletee kiburi hapa.