Kamukuywa; The Anatomy of a Tragedy

When I saw that death advert yesterday, my heart broke. I proposed to find out exactly what happened to illustrate to you brainless orangutans how these tragedies are so avoidable IF WE ALL TOOK OUR RESPONSIBILITIES MORE CAREFULLY.

A bit of background (what I’ve gathered)

The family and close village friends was heading home from a celebration.

They were travelling in at least TWO vehicles; a lead saloon car and a matatu with at least 16 people (overloaded!).

At a blind spot, the lead car almost rammed into a stationery OVER-LOADED sugar cane tractor that had stalled on the road.

NO WARNING SIGNS HAD BEEN PUT UP - TWIGS, REFLECTORS, NOTHING - to warn approaching drivers of the tractor smack on the road.

When the saloon car passed the tractor, at least one quick-thinking passenger decided to call the matatu back to warn them of the tractor. The man, Wycliffe, was a husband of one of the ladies who perished in the matatu crash.

Unfortunately, the network at the area was bad, and the call didn’t go through.

The crash happened, and just like that 19 people lost their lives.

Just go through this narrative again. You can see at least 10 opportunities that were lost that could have prevented his tragedy, from simply putting twigs on the ground to having the sugar companies warned that they must tow any stalled tractors off the road IMMEDIATELY to the local police taking action.

But this is Kenya; if you attend the funerals utaskia 'ni mapenzi ya mungu".

PS: The four common denominators in virtually all the accidents have been: matatus, trucks, speed, DUI.
Go figure.

That ‘ni mapenzi ya mungu’ is so true

When i was heading home from nairobi to karatina, i took a nyakati sacco around 6pm.
Just when we left the dual carriage from kennol thats when i realized the psv was over speeding and making very dangerous overtaking. I raised the concern to the driver and told him we are not in a hurry and one lady who sat next to me seconded, since we were at back seat, some fools in the front supported the driver by telling me that its other vehicles obstracting him.

I concur.

Ama unasikia " mungu alimuita" and yet its human error that made him get called

I usually don’t believe that bafoonery of your time has come or destiny. I tend to believe it is more to do with the prevailing circumstances though their are some lucky chaps

Huyo mungu ni mubaguzi. Kuokoa wengine na kuacha wengine waangamie…

we need bold leaders who will make bold decisions and ignore the noises and intimidation from the cartels, media and busy body evil society.
I believe it’s time these 14 seaters were banned from operating long distance I.e (from nbi to ushago kwenyu wherever that may be)
Then since mini buses and buses are bought brandnew, have as a mandatory requirement tamper-proof speed governors set at 80kph.
Ban bodabodas from operating as psv’s- it can be done(hizi vitu zimeanza ku operate Kenya in 2004) this can be done gradually by 1st limiting who can operate a boda boda by limiting age( lazima ikuwe atleast 50yrs, driving licence ya boda boda ikuwe watu wanakuwa shortlisted kama vile Kenya police is done…per district:D then even the charges ikuwe lazima uuze shamba! make spare part unavailable and they will die a natural death.
mzito uhuru anipee hii kazi aone.

They peddle it under the guise that it was destined.


good for you speaking out!

And when the driver got the support of few fools, aliweka mguu kwa tank.

The reason I no longer travel long distances on PSV if I can catch a train. It’s a matter of reducing probability of being at the mercy of adrenaline junkies.

Knee jerk reactions from the authorities and leaders too doesn’t help the situation. Na kama wewe uko hapa and you drive after imbibing on alcohol or drugs…jipe kiti kuleeee.

You should have put your foot down! Best is to give the driver a warning and then keep quiet. Atashangaa amebeba nani huyo. Do not ask…tell him to slow down!

Ofcourse ni mapenzi ya mungu

Accidents, sicknesses et al are just excuses to death

You are unrealistic.

I will make 10 REALISTIC suggestions to tame road accidents which NTSA can effect within the next two months.

  1. Reintroduce and vigorously enforce the speed gavana.

  2. Establish special, distinct licences (different colours and all) for truck and PSV drivers with specific number of year driving/education experience required before attaining.

  3. Enforce the Michuki rule that the SACCO is the first point of enforcement. Any SACCO whose drivers cause accidents/break laws risk being deregistered as they used.

  4. Require all boda bodas to be members of a SACCO with clear colours and uniforms/reflector jackets.

  5. Require all trucks to stay left unless over-taking.

  6. Require any owner whose vehicle has broken on the road to remove it. Alternatively the police/county gavament can remove it and surcharge the owner. All owners whose vehicles block roads to face criminal prosecution.

  7. Establish a public portal where people can post images of vehicles breaking the law. Action will then be taken.

  8. Establish a hotline for passengers in distress to call.

  9. Sack Meja - stupid Maasai is incompetent.

  10. Ban Proboxes from PSV business.

And then what did you do?

I wonder if Kenya had environmental issues mge survive aje…here kuna floods…the roads are bieng rebuilt and deaths for the whole month haven’t reached 5 and that was due to FLOODS that wiped whole house away …Kenyans are careless and being afraid to speak up shows the level to which some value their lives…wacha pesa iende than sit in a metal box playing if am gone live or die today…then the drivers heheh…WACK!!! and worst is shit @FieldMarshal CouchP talking like this curbs or enhances drivers skills…the training for Kenyan drivers is pathetic…ask one how to get grip while driving up a slope …sawa we don’t have ice but such skills help in understanding torque and horse power…thus understanding braking …you don’t go around at high speeds even round bends…but wapi…look at the basic training i had compared to yall in Kenya and see why i don’t trust any Kenyan driver no matter how many years you have been driving…


it is expensive…but is better than loosing lives…see how little changes on the road change everything…and sijabonga juu ya ABS …which if you notice most vehicles in the accidents recently don’t have…