Kamukunji Constituency - Jubilee Ticket

Mbugua agrees to hand the Jubilee Ticket to Yusuf after consultation. He will campaign for his re-election.

PENTACORD should borrow a leaf from tumbilees

Kamanda has also conceded and offered to campaign for Jaguar. Those going as independent candidates from Jubilee have missed the obvious point the people told them at the nominations. The same people who rejected you at the nominations are the same people who will reject you even by a bigger margin in the general elections. On opposition i cant relate, candidates were rejected by babuon not the people so i understand if the go independent and let the people decide to say yes or no to them.


I hardly follow politics but Did he indirectly agree alikua ameibia or what was jaguar crying about?

pia mimi …but good guestion there.

Upto yesterday he didn’t agree but Jubilee Party Appeal Tribunal ruled that Jaguar won. Kamanda then gave up and today turned around, conceded defeat and agreed to support Jaguar.

I am starting to see some level of maturity creeping in, albeit grudgingly with some people like Kamanda.

We need to see more of this - losing an election is not the end of life.

I honestly liked the way the likes of Kabando, Cheboi, Kabogo, Mwaura, Sakuda, Murugi, the Kirinyaga gavana etc etc conceded.

Mbugua may be ameambililiwa kuwa nominated but let’s wait

Nduthi, the kirinyaga governor has since withdrawn his concession and said he is going as independent

@spear has analyzed the difference between Jubilee and NASA resolutions very well. Kamanda concedes and puts his shoulders under the party. In ODM/NASA, the ‘losers’ decide to go it alone, and their voters bide their time, waiting for that day when the secret ballot will protect them, to spring a surprise.

The numbers by which he lost should have taught him a lesson, but a man with a bloated ego is best left to fry himself the way Kabogo did.


Don’t i know, bro?

Nduthi :D:D:D:D:D:D

He steps down. This is Kenya, without arguments this guy has just been paid.

it confused me a lillo bit!

I love the Sonko rebranded. Boardroom suits and mediation gently guiding Mbugua with his hand and not talking to the press. His presence was there mujijazie. Kidero anaenda Asumbi saa kumi na mbili morning