Kamuaring bibi ya wenyewe gone wrong..


How do people find such acting ^^^ up there funny?

Sure,it ain’t funny.

Huyu ni mboch ama shamba boy…that demographic is amused by weird sounds and low quality unnecessarily sexualized content… Its like making apes clap.

I know am not blind but i thought the top tweet is what`s important here.
That lady is on another level of freespirit ,i thought that level naturism only happens in Europe & North America

Shida umechafua akili huwezi ona. That shit is funny as shit in fact I might just post another one here

If you find it funny you are not qualified to be in this hallowed kijiji…ingia apa shenzi

Ushetan thread

Wasee hawana degree huwa na category ya entertainment inawabamba sana. Patanisho, Maina and King’ang’i, Papa Shurandula, Inspector Mwala etc ndio staple zao. Basically anything scripted. They also attend road shows religiously.

Degree muhimu

:D:D iko tu sawa

Hehe, hata the movies and series we enjoy watching ni scripted. Wacheni kuwa serious sana. At times upuss hutuliza mawazo

Afro Sinema?

Kuna upuss na kuna UPUSS…i ni the latter:D

Hehe, OP akona taste yake, msisulubishe yeye na labda imemjazz kweli kweli

Wapatue ile imekuwa translated kwa lugha yao 2027 ikifika wakupe kiti ya MCA unopposed.

unap;itaga mboch unaskia huto to clips “blood of jesus” tom and jerry sounds, unaskia utupe the whole person out… i mean unapea mtu internet access and they use it to make themselves dumber

I hate such stuff. Ongezea Churchill show, Nigerian movies, Indian movies etc. The only stuff that excites me is scientific and technological documentaries

Huku tunasema UPUSU

Kwenye nafanya job ata wengine hawaskiangi io kizungu. Public cinema theatre haichezi movie zenye si za @Afro