Kampuni Zikiamua Kukulana Sweep!



dar right? i believe i saw something similar around chang’ombe area


Inaitwa sweep chokosh style

That’s like one barbershop with a huge neon sign saying ‘50 bob haircuts’ … Then right next to it another barbershop with a sign saying ‘We repair 50 bob haircuts’.
Cut throat.

Both brands are owned by Daegio moron.

He he he


ng’ombe wewe, despite your bad spelling, ndovu is a TBL brand which in turn is a SAB Miller subsidiary, then johnny mtembezi is distributed by EABL these sides, EABL is a subsidiary of Diageo

Coca Cola kicked Pepsi in their baby maker…Pespi started it but Cocal Cola finished it mortal Kombat style.



i love the way brands go at each other live-live sii kaa hapa

kuna mtu amejikamua hapa…:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Must be the truffles.

hakunaga corporate incest kwa hiyo maneno?

pwegegegegegegege :D:D

fierce brand wars. Wish it gets down to prices pia.

My bad, saw like it’s tusker lite. Btw I thought I had seen the billboards somewhere smart ass. P.S on phone screen you can’t see the details.

Naona mumeamua hapa masweep tu!

Let’s take a commercial break and dance to Elephant Man’s “sweep”!


Halafu Legend Brandy is an African Spirits brand that is positioned along the same idea of “being a legend”