Kamiti Jailbreak And Bonoboism

Initially i thought the terrorists jail break was a govt set up but it now seems to have been real judging from the shock on that prisons boss face. It is indeed bonoborific that inmates can escape a ‘maximum’ prison. It however comes as no surprise given how we generally run affairs in this country.

One of the most striking things in the whole fiasco is the lack of cctv footage to atleast give a clue on how they escaped. This is also true when it comes to the school arsons.
I always say that by now the govt should have passed a cctv act mandating anyone whose premises is visited by the general public to have a working cctv network to monitor ongoings. This will include all government offices, malls, hospitals, office buildings, bars, hotels, churches and schools. Indeed, the police force being a security agency should be at the forefront of showing the nation how to utilize modern technology in combating crime by installing cctv cameras in all police stations. The importance of cctv footage cannot be over emphasized and that is why in the developed world they are even implementing body cameras on police officers to record happenings in real time. You can all see how dash cams are helpful when analyzing motor accidents and incidents. Also, multiple cctvs from multiple angles by different businesses and organizations including the public ccvts on roads and streets can easily explain the movement of suspects from source to destination when investigating incidences involving crime and terrorism.

Back to Kamiti, it is saddening that prison bosses or even police bosses do not lead their organizations into procuring gadgets that make their organizations more effective. They will procure those useless sticks that police and prison officers carry but will not procure communication or surveylance gadgets like cctvs. That prisons boss fully deserved the sack. Other professions are on the lead in embracing modern technologies and practices while such security agencies do not change. How they operated in 1960 is the same way they want to operate today. Do they even go on benchmarking trips to other countries. I doubt. What shocked me is that the prisons department did not even have photos of some of the inmates who escapes from kingongo jail recently. Imagine that, mere photographs in this day and age. Bonobos indeed.

Kuna time nilikuwa na dope t-shirt ya " Escape from Alcatraz swim team". Na si pia mzito El-Chapo kuna vile aliondokea max security prison pale Mexico.[SIZE=1]…Just saying[/SIZE]

Kamwana had launched safaricom cctvs walisema inakumulika hadi dna. whatever happened to them?

To eliminate corruption on our roads Kenya should have traffic cops wear body cameras

Mumerix says.

Something interesting happened in Kenya this week.

3 convicted terrorists escaped from Kenya’s most secured prison known as Kamiti maximum prison.

When I read the story, I knew something was not right.

Immediately thereafter, the President called an emergency security meeting and sacked the Director-General of prisons.

What followed were a series of dramatic actions that led to the capture of the three suspects.

The three convicts looked frail, stunned, apathetic and in a stupor. They didn’t look like jailbirds with the ability to stage an escape in the country’s most dreaded prisons.

Interestingly, these dramatic episodes were happening parallel with the arrival of the USA secretary of state.

This was a decoy. This was a red herring.

I wrote in this channel a two-part series of LAW 3 ( 48 LAWS OF POWER).

These 3 confused, lethargic prisoners did not escape prison. These three haggard and emaciated beggars were pawns used in a grand scheme that will one day be exposed.

This was a scripted prison break.

Stay woke. Never sway with the masses. They are easily manipulated.

Don’t be one of them.

PS: In Africa, the following four thematic areas receive a lot of funding from the USA:

  1. Counter-terrorism

  2. Climate change

  3. Feminism

  4. LGBTQ


I agree totally and completely. Kenya ni nchi ya sarakasi.

You are putting blame on the wrong people. The blame squarely lies on those in power! I am 100% sure some prison Warden somewhere must have raised concerns many times regarding embracing technology like modern day CCTV to improve security in prisons, but nothing was done mostly because of “lack of funds” or misplaced priorities…

I was once in some DCI office nikishughulikia kitu Fulani ya gari, and to my sad surprise, non of the computers in that particular office was working! The office had about 10 desktops and a printer, but they all looked dilapidated. Coming to the subject matter, if officers can’t even get basic things like working desktops, who will provide them with CCTV to improve security in the prison!? Naona wewe Bado mgeni hii Kenya, tembea most government offices and organizations, utajionea Mambo venye stuff just don’t work.

Kenyans We are reactive in nature, we don’t act until something actually happens

Wanapewa chapo soft na chai before flight.

Leaders should be agents of change. If you head an organization and you cant steer it towards positive change, just resign na ukalime

He “notion” that suspected terrorists escaped should be removed from your heads.

Hongo hapa na pale-someone gets smartly and professionally complacent and said suspects “escape” prison.

Mbona other suspects hawatoroki as much nowadays?

Hapo umenena ,but nashuku Hawa maghaseer will come up with other uncouth ways of receiving bribes.

ill have to rewatch OZ nione kina Adebisi

Those guys didn’t escape, it was all a poorly thought out quickly executed PR campaign as an excuse to fire the Prisons Commissioner and install a new guy.

Think about it:

  1. Why was there no interim period? The new commissioner has been sworn in hours after this predecessor was fired when usually he would have been appointed as acting commissioner as interviews are done to find a permanent replacement.

  2. Why did the wardens at Kamiti not execute their counter breach measures? a prison, by default, is meant to keep prisoners in, they would not have been the first escapees or attempted escapees so anti escape procedures are par for the course. Kamiti might not have CCTV but they have always heavily populated the immediate surrounding area snitches

  3. Escaping a maximum security prison is not a low IQ affair, so why did the “escapees” not have even the most basic escapee thought pattern? Why would 2 luhyas and a Somali dressed in rags go to Kitui of all places?

Niliogopa kuwatch hio samo…naskianga ina ushoga mob.

Kuna secondary ya kule kachimeka wako na 600k worth of cctv,you’d think a very cheap cctv would suffice for the govt to put up in a max prison,but nooooooo kumbaff kila corner .

Sasa a new case of 3 inmates who escaped from kilgoris police station and we dont have any photos