Kamenuka Uteto

Kenya Alerts:
SKIRMISHES ERUPT in parts of the US capital and a number of cities following Donald Trump win.

Kenyans in the USA, stay safe. Caution advise

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Wapi rink

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Reta wrink fala hii!

Ametoa mushwne pale Kenya alerts telegram

Hiyo avatar yako ni threesome au? or you are just obsessed with monkeys?


Wapi rink…ama wacha tu but kubuka
Nani wiro nefa be preshidnt…

Yaani kuna p.e.v majuu walai hio ni noma

Tycoonews has been hacked.
Got no idea who posted that shit.


Its from a facebook post…just some garbage posting with no corresponding reports anywhere

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It is/was in defiance of old monkey…

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They will “accept and move on”

@Okiya UCLA Bro ikona leta shida.