Your Opinion?

We have all these “new” channels but over 90% of Kenyans still watch news from the traditional 3 channels (Citizen, NTV and KTN)

Kama bado wana TBT nitaiwatch

Inooro took a large share of shiny eyes from the above 3. I think they have a good number especially upcountry.

Inooro is basically Citizen TV in kikuyu part of the Royal media services

Hii tuliona Esther Passaris akiwa virgin bado


Iko ju.

So by your logic, kameme is K24, since its part of Mediamax?

KBC has a huge collection of TBT, yet they aren’t willing to broadcast it (directly or in the form of documentaries). That would be the only thing I would watch on our local stations

Who watches k24?

it has very nice programs. Try it. For me news ni KBC, K24 or KTN, no Citizen or NTVChieth.

News ni Citizen, hizo zingine ni upus. News ikiisha tv huzimwa ama watu huwatch highlights za foota na other sports

News zote ni upus. It’s basically this:

Lead story: Politician X and his minions said something about politician Y

Second news item: Politician Y and his minions answered back

Opinion poll: What do you think about politician X’s comments?

Discussion panel: “experts” come to discuss the politicians’ comments

Commercial Break*

Third news item: Accident somewhere killed X people

Fourth news item: A woman in some town stabbed a man (or a thug was shot down somewhere)

Fifth news item: regurgitated social media news

Time to read comments and make lame jokes

Commercial Break

Business News

inflation rate is rising

Try KTN News. You’ll like it.

Very true, haven’t watched news for the last 6year’s and I have no regrets.

hapo umene

na.i hate all this local stations.i sometimes watch documentary ama kwese sports,ama dw vitu kama hizo

Whatever shines your eyes, pun intended or otherwise

You are missing nothing. I only watch when at home due to family members insisting on watching and even then I will be busy on social media or reading something.

Spot on!

I love watching news ya kyeni TV, kuna mahali inafika the news casters wana anza ma hekaya ju ya news… totally unscripted and hilarious