2023 kama wewe ni office waka jiwekee safety nets mingi. It is not going to be business as usual.

Are you celebrating bro:D?

Employment is slavery

wewe ni brother ya @mlipuayote


Ni kubaya saidi

Not a good outlook.

Tunawangoja huku juakali

Social media has finished the mainstream media and it’s just a matter of time that all these stations will finally close. The same thing is happening to banks. Mobile banking is finishing physical banking

Youtube channel pap, hekaya zianze. adense inaokoa maisha huku nje

‘Why I Left Mukamba Kunguru’ “Hello guuuyzz this is deno. Am about to reveal why me and bets parted ways. Reveal after 1000 subscribers”

I have a bad case of the schadenfreude



Wakulima haturelate .

Boss even nursery school kids know this and it’s repeated here over and over. Say something profound acha kujaza server


Takataka mbwa maraya enda Choo ukunie


Nipe cloaca.