Kamba lady


I had banged so many ladies in my entire life as a gym trainer but wasnt lucky enough to meet their queen. The Kamba one.
Rumor had it everywhere they were nice especially in Lungula. Next to my apartment was one, a househelp with two large juicy bums who always knocked on my door for match sticks, sometimes drinking water. But she was like a sister and much as she had ‘nyungu’ I never wanted to fuck her.
She was nice, always wriggled her buttocks everytime she turned away and my 10 inch rod would shoot 90 degrees at the thought of splitting her from behind.
I would strock it and beg it to sleep, be calm. I never did neighbors!
Its a Friday morning and as usual I go through my emails. Alot of junk as usual but one catches my eye. Its from certain Faith Kambua asking for Personal Training.
I quickly call her, we agree on a meeting in her apartment by lunch hour. Parklands.
I get ready, tape measures, diet plans, training routines, I even carry my business card.
‘What if she wants a bang’
I quickly push behind such a thought and focus on business, I dont bang clients either.
I reach her apartment, and oh my God!! A tall brown lady with huge thighs and the slimmest waist I have ever seen opens the gate.
‘You must be OyuchoFitness’ she says eyeing me from the side glance of her glasses.I manage to mumble a ‘yes’ as she turns around.
She has a large swimming pool which I rarely pay attention to because as we go up the stairs, her big round butt is wiggling and I can see black thongs in her short loose dress.
My rod is erect, and am loving it.
She leads me to a large living room and I estimate the house to have cost around 6 million.
I have been to bigger houses but a single lady living like this turns me on.
She is saying something about trying abs workout with a roller and finding it painful but I am far away.
I ask her if she stretches after work outs and she says no.
I offer to stretch her to relieve the pain.
‘You are such a musculine guy, huge chest, nice arms, I cant trust myself around you’
She blushes away and I love it.
Alot of women clients admire my body but this one is worth my attention.
‘Trust me, I am a professional’
I tell her
‘You better be, coz you look like you can fuck the hell out of me’
The way she draggs her sweet voice is making my 10 inch stretch to 11.
And I press my thighs together to hide it.
‘Lets ease the pain, and you can trust me’
I tell her to lie down on the floor, her carpet is pure thick.
She lies on her tummy, face down.
I slighty pull her dress above her knees and begin soft deep tissue leg massage.
She mourns of the pain and tells me to go up her thighs which I do after a while,I dont wanna let her know what I feel.
‘And up here…’‘’
WTF!! As she turns her arm to show me, it accidentally hits my dick, which as hard as fuck.
Her fingers get wet with my precum.
‘Are you okay?’ she asks.
‘Am trying to be’ I answer, fully beaten and caught out.
'‘Got my ass from my mother. Dont worry. Its a Kamba thing’
‘You a kamba???’ I ask fully surprised.
She nods. In the confusion, her dress is fully above her half bum. And I can see a black thong dissapearing in thick brown buttocks and I am the hardest dick in town today.
I continue massaging her, not lowering the dress.
‘Would you need a…a bum massage’ I ask, softly pushing my dick now 12 inches on one side.
Stay tuned for Episode 2.

This episode thing bure kapsaa…

Kaa tu na hiyo episode two. Hii imetutosha.

How do talkers manage to get such dreams ?? i only get weird dreams, zile za ogre.

You thiefman, yes you hekaya thieves!!! Why don’t you wait for the true hekaya masters to post all the episodes instead of posting those teasers here??? Ama mnaogopa fellow hekaya jambazi’s will beat you here??

Luwere tunayo ama hatunayo?

Hehehe nimecheka kwa Meeting karibu nifukuzwe

The reason why MMNN. have not been on this new kenyatalk shiet with his news all the feminist have gone and left with
@mamamboga,even after several accidents. Upuss @admin

Meeting gani hiyo ya saa 8.00pm:confused::frowning:


Most of system dev meetings hufanywa late.That is kama ni hiyo ako.

Kwaani kila mtu kwa hii kijiji ako na dikk size of over 8 inches and very thick?

Sisi watu wa less than 8 tusimame wapi?

Ata mimi nashangaa


This tale is centered around your penis! Obsessed much?

Why do most talkers think of sharing their dick sizes? Si mtwambie pia size ya micuundu yenu

si mutwambie kama mko na nyee

Nigga pliz

Wasn’t it obvious?