Kamba Ladies

Militon Obote had married the blood sister of Nyiva Mwendwa.
Hey ia Nyiva picking her sister the 1st lady of Uganda, in 1971, she is hot and classy.


It’s no secret put women are hot as fuck , fucking hot .

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Point of korekshen, our women are hot as fuck

Checki hio mali

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@cortedivoire ameona hii?

Looks like a bag of milk. Comical really.


True. Just some oddly outsized hips and ass, but not proportional to the rest of the body. Miguu ni kama za chokoraa.


Nyiva Mwendwa was hot af. Hii video @cortedivoire anaezanyonga nayo mbaya.
Accent tu ndio problem. This is generally a dealbreaker with Kamba chicks.

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Kambas hukuwa warembo and freaks in bed. Shida ni ushamba mingi and screaming “nenga mutii baiby” when you go hard.


hii atalamba hiomcea after amekunia

@Silverback83 na @Josto_Bwaku wanaona kitu bado iko fit for service.


Hii labda Avae mask

You consider her hot?

My lawd!!!

Anyways sina maoni saidi ya hii.

You don’t understand the satire , tena huyo ni mkisii kang’ina si mkamba

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Hehe. Sawa

Good ol’ soft meat if you ask me.

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[quote=“Kahuni_Maisha, post:1, topic:473606”]
…1971, she is hot and classy.

too much simping. No wonder he was overthrown twice

Back in the days alikuwa kitu. Coupled by her style.

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All kamb chics I’ve chewed were tight as hell. Makes me wonder kwani kamba men hamna mboro kubwa? :green_emoji:


They have small diks and that’s why their women prefer to be screwed elsewhere

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i tend to think Mkamba is well endowed, due to low body fat %, coupled by diets that are low in animal fat, ongeza jua ya ukambani, these factors will favor boys in their puberty to develop they reproductive organs in sizes that are above average.
high protein in the body tend to drive testosterone levels in males down, especial if your body can’t properly synthesis it. so, these protien shake and other protien supplement you consume like the world is coming to an end, are driving your testosterone down.
Any urologist in the house ?

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