Kamau wa Mushatha bravery act.


The two world wars were in fact some sort of liberation wars for Black people in Africa and America. Tafuta a 2020 movie The 24th, shows a different perspective, arousal of Black consciousness occasioned by black military dignity amidst hardcore southern usa racism. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt10452854/ . Read more on Patton’s 761st Tank Battalion whose negro compatants wasted Nazis and its African parallel in Burma, the 11th East Africa Division that chased the Japanese through jungle. Idi Amin wanted to erect a statue of Hitler in Kampala but was misunderstood.

Señor Luanda Magere anatayarisha statement on black consciousness movement so hold the line he will be here soon.

Ndindu naye ataweka the same guy next week lakini ajifanye hakuona leo.