Kamau Thugge is the next CBK governor


This was negotiated beforehand. Interviews are a formality.

kwani cbk governor lazma awe mkikuyu


kamau thugge is a thug

Sindio. Greeks are known for their business acumen and money management expertise. Kama uko na doubts angalia list of birrioneas utaona Wakikuyu na Wahindi pekee. Wahindi hawana kura so they are disregarded.

Do you really think at our current predicament, he will bring any difference

Huyu analia tears of joy.

From being hounded out of treasury building like a common thief to CBK governor. noma sana

Tungeweka mgiriama na akuwe mwanamke walai

The outgoing governor Bado ni vajo?

Why was he kicked out

anakula soft meat

Arror na Kimwarer ni wewe

Unataka akubomoe?

The admin if this account @sani alisema ivo, kama kawaida, huwa habahatishi.

Kindly tell is more. We are all ears…

Huyu ndiye was taken to court juu ya payments for the fake 63B arror and kimwarer dams? Is he being rewarded for providing the campaign billions?

“Arror and Kimwarer dams scandal in details” https://www.standardmedia.co.ke/amp/article/2001335061/arror-and-kimwarer-dams-scandal-in-details

Thank you Ruto for appointment

@uwesmake jibu swali

Treasury CS Henry Rotich and his PS Kamau Thugge are among 26 government officials charged in the multibillion-shilling Kimwarer and Arror dams’ scandal.

They are facing 24 charges among them abuse of office and conspiracy to defraud.