Kamata kamata friday casualty ONYANGO OLOO

Amekula Sh 1.6 billion and DCI is hunting him in Nairobi and Kisumu.

Uyu ni nani?

Speaker of Kisumu County Assembly and defectant from TNA to ODM

Konyagi 1 amezima simu.

Alisema hawa wasee hawachase…

baba putting his house in order.

We know the usual drill. anyone excited by these arrests does not know how the system operates. no Chinese man can be prosecuted in Kenya. after Hajj gets his 2 pages in the Saturday nation the story will be over. moto ya nyasi

Stable genius.


Walio kaidi jupilii watakiona !

Gini Tek omera

Oloo ni humbwa

oloo ni mwizi