Kama wewe hulipwa "mshahara"(per month /ya mwezi) you get conned.

Do the math.
If you asked your boss to pay you weekly . You would have 52 weeks. 52÷4=13. By accepting to be paid per month rather than per week. You loose one month of pay.(HINT: a year has 13 not 12 months) 13×28=364
Watu wa diaspora wanaelewa hii. They get paid every “fortnight”(14 Days)

P.S:If you have Rental houses and charged rent per week rather than per month - you will get more money.

Stay woke.

if wishes were horses beggars would ride

wisdom will kill you.

“There are about fifty officers plus me that is 70” - Miss @pamba , 2018.

If you pay a loan every two weeks (assumijg that a month has 4) rather than every month, you’ll pay if off faster. You’ll pay 26 times rather than 12 times.

If you impregnate 2 women, you’ll get a baby in 4.5 months
(I’m i doing this right?)

Can you?

The wisdom in this thread… It will kill me.


sweetie hukushika memo niliumia mguu wakati mulielope na wambugu?


sweetie talk to me,hii mambo ya emojis siwezi shikanisha

Those who live on hope die fasting.

hapa mzae unataka kusema hii hope huwa nimeweka kwa nyasuguta ati one day atanipenda ni bure?

If all women were momos, @uwesmake would be the happiest person in the World!


From as much I know /have learnt, our prior ancestors (when Africa was Also Known As “Khemet” or “Alkebulan”) there existed more than 1 ‘calendar’
See- currently we use a Catholic “Gregorian” calendar. Back then, there were more than 20 calendars.
The Gregorian calendar only tracks the “moon’s” surjoun around the Sun(equinox bullshit …
BTW this stuff is just in the Bible. I didn’t make it up

Are you all this dumb.
Hypothetically, if you had rental property. Currently you charge 4k per month(4×12=48). Start charging 1k per week (1×52=52).
If you pull out that huge stick you have jammed up your ass “maybe” you might start thinking more clearly.
In my line of work I “hire-out” a lot of stuff (wheelbarrows, trolleys, tools, trappers, scaffolding, concrete mixers etc). I never do “per month” billing. Daily, weekly and 21 days are the terms I apply.
I con and laugh at ‘per month’ basic wage-slave thinking people(read idiots) like you on a daily basis.

you are very clever

Nigga you dumb guy was just being sarcastic.