Kama Raila Angekuwa Mature Kiakili Ange Attend Hii Ceremony Ya Leo, Na Angeheshimika Kama Mandela. Lakini Hana Akili Timamu

Maturity comes with age but it seems to be the opposite with Ojinga. Sasa nasikia alinda Zanzibar pengine kumgombanisha mchawi na mganga fulani huko kwa kumpa dawa expired.

It is time Lakers started grooming another person to take on Ruto’s successor come 2032 because hii ya 2027 you have zero chances.

never , ndiyo akatukanwe na Gachagua, we have a very foolish DP…
Gachagua is a man who has benefited from state Largesse, tenders … from Moi ,Kibaki, Kenyatta…
he should have shut up man, siasa ni give and take

I almost felt sorry for uhunye when Gachagua was ropokaring. He had a stone face. Nevertheless Kenyan politics is not for the faint hearted.

He’s immature sana. As a man who likes to derive prominence from championing the ideals of democracy he exudes very undemocratic ideals. I don’t think he has ever attended inauguration ceremony after losing an election. Yeye zake ni kusema elections were not free and fair then skip once beaten. This would have been one inauguration he’d have attended to cement his own legacy by choosing a different path. But he’s never even admitted to have lost any election

Ojinga thinks sense na logic ni hot air…anajua bado mapambano limeric 24/7

look at it this way,
you become friends with a girl’s bro(uhuru) you like this girl very much, the bro assures you that he has talked to his family members and you will marry her. You happen to know the girl’s former nigga, who was buddies with your new friend when you guys were in campus. They act like enemies insulting each other in your presence, weddings day Kukaribia, you see the first nigga with your girl. She falls pregnant for him and they decide to have a wedding, the girl’s bro is the best man. Will attend the wedding because you are a good man?

People grieve differently. Raila understands the magnitude of his loss and what it means to his career in politics.
And also attending the event would have opened him to attacks by the D.O as seen meted out on Konyagi. He dodged a bullet.

Plausible but Njigathi anauza game.
Either way Mwisi kutoka sigoi bado ni mwisi.

Irrelevant cos Uhuru didn’t ask his people to vote for Ruto. He ACTIVELY campaigned for Rao. Guys like SK Macharia gave him trucks za kurun advert za Azimio na Rao in mashinani parts of Kenya. Ulitaka Uhuru akatalie kwa kiti in order to prove himself? There was no long con as alleged. RAO just lost fair and square. Uhuru just did his constitutional duty ya kuhand over cos to him he understood the repercussions (mostly in terms of legacy) of choosing to skip the ceremony. At the end of the day both him and Rao will get their retirement benefits from government of the day being now run by Ruto.

Paragraphs are your friend :smiley:

Na your girl’s bro alioa sister ya his former buddy ten years ago na agreement ilikuwa after ten years arudishie his former buddy mkono kwa kumupatia his sister na all the family member walikuwa in agreement watafanya hivo ,the bro tried to change mindset ya family member lakini walikataa ,sasa the girl’s bro angefanya?

Why should he attend inauguration ceremonies? What role is he supposed to play in these ceremonies exactly?
And in the same line of thought, which legacy exactly do you expect Raila to cement by attending the inauguration?

This was a Kenya Kwanza event and partly the outgoing administration which he isn’t a part of.

Mlimshida mwamtakia nini tena?

Kwa demokrasia kuna mshindi na mshindwa. Mzee Raila hajawai kubali kushindwa. Huu mwaka angejatibu angalau kumpongeza mpinzani wake wa kinyang’anyiro cha urais ambaye alimshinda. Kuhudhuria hiyo hafla ingechangia pakubwa kudhibitisha udemokrasia wake. Kumbuka hafla hiyo ni hafla ya kitaifa kama zile zingine za Mashujaa n.k

Part of democracy is freewill.


RAO has proven to be a sore loser of all elections he’s been involved in. The only credible election is when he actually wins. Unless democracy is all about making claims of rigging and so on.

Ata Clinton never wanted to attend Trump just like Gachagua kuongea matope.

Wewe Umbwa, Raila hayuko kwa siasa hizo tena. Mlishinda akakataa but amesema haidhuru, akaenda zake. What else do you want from him? Jamaa ameenda zake and you still have his name in your mouths more than your president. Or do you have a secret need to have his precence to validate your victory?
Wachana na mzee wetu. We love him president or not.

So what is the problem today? Why the urgent need for him to attend an event he’s not obligated to? Is anything amiss?