kama baba mtoto is not alive, inaeleweka kidogo


@Bingwa Scrotum

You think @Amerix has your best interest at heart? The guy is out there selling his stupid cassava to his ignorant followers …it’s a business model for him

What you don’t know is that I own the @Amerix handle here… and I did it so that I could lock him out of here


:D:D mjamaa

If jesus ever came back ,he’d take amerixx’s form. Men will follow.
Anakuaga na kitombeo huyu mjamaa ama ni kukereketwa na wanawake aina zote? [COLOR=rgb(209, 213, 216)][SIZE=1]asking for @patco [/SIZE]

Wewe tomba budako bila kusumbua.

Sawa msichana

Shikilia matako za @Tom Bayeye Sr na usiwachilie!


Sawa mummy

When you throw a stone to a pack of dogs, the one that shouts the most is the worst hit

Hapo umenena kaka