Kalonzo visits Moi in Kabarak


Man Gidi was there

What are politicians seeing or expecting from the old man ?

Blessings, advice, money etc
you name it



Shida yangu ni huyu Giddy…yaani with all the resources and old political networks the boy is still tucking on his father’s pants…why can’t he just mount a serious countrywide campaign? Dude has the money!..whats preventing him from being his own man?

Kuwa mpole, the man admitted leading is not for him, and declared his true calling. Kanda ya moko.

I also think he is overusing using father in his politics. When he went to Nyanza, he told the people that Raila and his father are good friends. I mean, seriously??

Its ok to use his father in some of his dealings but methinks he goes too far sometimes

Yani gideon has become his fathers PA, ?? and sure he prevented Ruto from seeing Moi.
Visiting Moi has become the in-thing now, and Gideon wants to milk it 100%. But very soon he will realize out here you have to look for votes, meanwhile team tangatanga is “launching development projects” everywhere.

I realized another thing, that in this world fast runners do not always win the races, and the brave do not always win the battles. The wise do not always earn a living, intelligent people do not always get rich, and capable people do not always rise to high positions. Bad luck happens to everyone.
Ecclesiastes 9/12

Knowing how to charm a snake is of no use if you let the snake bite first.
Ecclesiastes 10/12

Amen Pastor, amen
wapi paybill tutume sadaka

I don’t think he uses the family name enough. If I were him I would milk it to the last drop like Uhuru.

Juzi tu UK was a drunkard pale Wangige but when Mt Kenya remember who his daddy was…unasema nini? ghai

Mzee Moi still has a lot of goodwill all over Kenya. Godfather yani, to this day everyone insists on paying him a consultation visit no matter how old and suffering from dementia.

In the Kenyan political landscape, your pedigree is everything. Once a royal, always a royal.

elaborate in reference to my comment please. Don’t leave us hanging mchungaji

No way he could let ruto who I think they are competing with visit his dad as it would paint a good picture in rift valley that ruto has mzee’s blessings. It now looks people are coming from far and ruto is just next door but can’t access the home. Thus creating a bad neighbor image.

Mzee is about to die (good riddance, time of my life) ndio maana kila mtu anarush kupata optics na yeye. Hatoboi 2019.

Sawa giver and taker of life, na wewe utakufa lini?


izo zote WSR will have the last laugh. His visit am sure will be precedented by his mwalimu endorsing him

They all start like that, remember when uhuru was competing with obako in 2002, the guy would speak like his father to win votes, remember ‘ndugu zanguni na kunguni zanguni’ :D:D. Then with time they learn and become weaned out. Uhuru was actually made president by ICC (read raila western supporters) okuyu and kalenjins came together to fight for the son of a freedom fighter from the colonial power :D. Now you don’t know how the future will be but i see ruto and gidi as the only two serious principals in the near future. Will ruto play the role of kibaki and gidi the role of uhuru, only time will tell.