Kalonzo to Ethiopia?


qalonzo akunie mbrime mininster ambiy simu?

i dont get how abiye can be convinced to stop the war…what is kalonzo’s or kenya’s objective here…

Watermelon is always described as a ‘career diplomat’ but is he really any good ama they just pick him for his fence-sitting style of politics? I know mediators are neutral (in theory) but I just can’t see Watermelon commanding authority at the negotiating table.

Is this even a question?
Let’s see:

  1. There’s unrest in Somali, the Sudans, DRC, Rwanda, Burundi…and their citizens find themselves here as refugees. Sembuse Ethiopia?
  2. Clamp down on political opponents in neighbouring countries, they end up in Kenya.
  3. We source a several products from Ethiopia. Any conflict raises the cost of these products.
  4. Freaking AU HQ is in Ethiopia. Ethiopia is a member of IGAD, COMESA, AFTZ, AfCFTA…

Any conflict in the region causes tremendous strain on our shithole of a country

Our leaders dont care about any of that. The guys travelling are going there because they are being paid to travel. They are only going to deliver the message sent by the west

collapse of somalia tilted dynamics in kenya,how about collapse of ethiopia,we will shoulder the burden in this shithole republic,also even though ethiopians are really measuring their dicks in somalia,if they fail we shall also fail,they rolled their with us after their islamic courts business

Which peace talks are these? Abiy is determined to wipe out any ambitious Tigrayan that his army can get their hands on. Hadi WHO head has been threatened!

All Kalonzo is going to do is put a veneer of respectability on a punitive ceasefire. TPLF waondoke waende Egypt kiroho safi.