Kalonzo seizes the opportunity

“Our genetic generic seed company and small-scale farming risk dying out as a result of unfair competition from subsidized GMOs… Kenya lacks adequate capacity to test GMOs” - Kalonzo speaks on the lifting of GMO ban in Kenya

Ho @Circledot how are you ma’am , 2027 if Rao doesn’t support our melon , he will become obsolete permanently

Now that’s the opposition we want…don’t let some guy run decisions without general consensus. On matters opposition I will support Azimio, esp on constructive criticism.

GMO welcome to Kenya

Gmo is so much welcome especially in kamba land where crops fail 80 percent of the time

Angefanya hivyo the last 5 years angeshinda na landslide…lakini handshake ilimtoa kwa rail. Anyway kama GMO ni mbaya tuambiwe, kama ni siasa…tujue pia.