Kalonzo/ Mudavadi

If NASA puts Kalonzo ahead, they loose. They lost time to do so. Luo Nyanza voters will not show up at the polls. They didn’t show up in 2013 in numbers like central.

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Try and have better dream tonight !

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how now?, KWNBP>>>

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I have a feeling that one or both of them will ‘betray’ this alliance

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During the last general election, western voter turn out was poor, coast region were threatened by MRC hence majority of them did not vote so your reference is not holding water currently.

Kalovadi would be the most indecisive presidential team anywhere in this world.
I doubt if they would ever get anything done. Our rogue parliament would ride roughshod over them.

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So what makes you think voter turnout will change in western?

Nobody can know the outcome of the next election. Otherwise there would be no need for one. All I know is that the opposition has an uphill task to select the flag bearer. I can only wish them and RAO good luck!

At this juncture it only makes sense to have Raila the flag bearer. Selecting his deputy is the uphill task. None of them is giving.

We have too many factors you can even consult the register

dare do such a thing a raila will join the goverment

Raila will not run… Take this to the bank.