Kalonzo/ Mudavadi

You are gigolo mr or is it mrs sledge hammer?? Stick your nose where it belongs. i addressed this comment to mr black.

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why would i mind your business? your ignorance, fake believe that you have the numbers … well that is your own business

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Isn’t it obvious?

To send Macho Nyanya home in a few months time.

Nv toa mkundu mpararo hapa, kumanina

So, give me your figures… Elections are won on numbers not gossip,hear say or propaganda. Where will jap get 8 million votes to win round 1??

so no plan for the country? just sending someone home. very ‘leadership’ of you


You see… You are still a gigolo… No facts only crap and funny village insults. you need to be whacked my friend.

I don’t care about somebody planning for me. Plans have there since independence but people are still starving and being harrased by floods. It is upto you to work on your plans.

you sirs in the opposition need to know the role of the government to her citizens before you can even try to control it… anyway like i said your ignorance is quite legendry now


Weka kidole kwa mkundu unuse ulale, takataka

Thank you Mr. Knowledgeable.

You are not welcome

The NASA onslaught, napenda sana…:slight_smile:


Hesabu zimekushinda lakini tamaa ya kutoa maoni ikazidi?

Mudavadi is a walking cardiac arrest. Anybody can see that he does not met the physical requirements of a hard 8-month campaign, let alone the presidency.

After a long time now you have an avatar.nice


Hii tulimaliza kitambo sasa tunapanga ya 2022. Bring it on sienz kapsaa

2013 Election results: Uhuru 6,173,433, Raila 5,340,546, Mudavadi 483,981:
Raila and Mudavadi combined 5,824,527.

The best Raila result is a runoff. They still loose.


The opposition have no fresh options and new ideas to offer Kenyans. However, they still have a chance to redeem themselves. jubilee’s narrative has always been anti-Raila…If NASA puts kalonzo ahead and have Mudavadi as the running mate, they will move one step up but still behind Jubilee. The only way they will defeat jubilee is to develop a unique manifesto that gives specific promises to the citizens…e.g reduction in price of key food stuffs such as Unga, free secondary education, subsidised healthcare services, and most importantly, a method(not promise) of how to eliminate corruption in the country.
With the support of Raila as the chief campaigner assisted by Joho and the others, they will sail through.
But they need to consolidate their unity ASAP and get Ngilu and Rutto onboard.

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Bring it on!Hata raila amegwaya raundi hii…the big two will whip the confused 41 like shet!