Kalonzo Mt Kenya ticket might shake nabii hapo statehouse

Despite Ruto going two terms, he may feel the heat of agitated Mt Kenya voters as now the writing is on the wall His first term riddled with massive corruption skyrocket prices on vital basic needs and his early tactics of exclusion of the Kikuyus from his government might end up costing him so bad. Luhyas are known much with massive voter apathy and he does not need to bank much in western for that needed votes,
Second majority in western do not feel him that much though neighbors, three the mavoko demolitions much infuriates the kambas against his regime it further unites them into a united front against Kenya kwanza regime, I see mass exodus of the mountain from the government to form an alliance with wiper and with Raila tosha boast kalonzo might crush Ruto because he is more accepted in the mountain as at now…

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