Kalonzo anataka water ministry for Kambas. Anasumbua

Mkamba @chap apewe maji Karua anapiga campaigns bila stress na demands

He will get nothing. Kalonzo Musyoka is a spineless eunuch.

Kalonzo should be studied as a course in the University,

In politics you have to negotiate hard. Not like the stupid okuyu tangatangas ambao wamesema watapatiana bure kwa UDAku. So kalonzo is on the right track.

FYI in 2013 Uhuru had to surrender all the best ministries finance, energy, agriculture, water, lands etc to Looto after he negotiated hard. In political negotiation lazima unakaa ngumu.

Kwa wakamba Ministry of Water ni kama wamepewa presidency. Wacha wachukue.

Infact, maybe this was kalonzos plan all along. Hio mambo ya DP ilikua kuspread misinformation

As much as we like to make fun of Kalonzo, Azimio needs him, ndio maana anabembelezwa hivi. If not they would have told him to take a walk a long time ago.

Ministry of Tourism ni ya Najib Balala.

Tombwerrrr ghaseeer ,he is doing what he does best for us SIZE=1.[/SIZE]

I think so too

But he does not have leverage any more because he cannot be on the ballot.

The guy anapiga mdomo from a position of weakness.