Kalonzo anafanya nini congo

why was kalonzo sent to congo…


To try and reconcile the ruling coalition which is falling apart due to dishonesty like the one plaguing NASA and Jubilee.

Kenya played key role in the Ascension of Tshisekedi. I suspect our leaders are eating that country bila huruma.

ile gold scam ya wetangula and arab prince comes to mind here…

Pesa ya kunukisha come-pain laa itafutwe na njia zote

Learning how to dance ndombolo

And raila was there the other day…Kenya wamejiinga kwa deals za CIA…enyewe pesa inataftwa na njia zote

Tell us how we can eat too kwani they have two sets of stomach like ruminants

Kuna mganga mwingine huko ni mgori saana, huko ndo aliende huyu mganga amgangue

You were not party to the Backroom deals that denied Fayulu victory. Tinga and Uhunye played a key role in Tshisekedi election and are now reaping the fruits of their labour. A rich nation with enormous potential. Well networked politicians from Kenya.

At times power if we’ll used can yield untold riches.

hope they are talking abt congo joining EAC

My friend in Africa people talk about family business not National Interest or Panafrican ideals. Yangu Ni Ngapi. Many also don’t want ordinary businessmen to flood the place. Wanataka wakule pekee yao.