Naskia chameleon kamerudi na kanijipiga kifua kama gorilla za virunga ati lazima kaapishwe…@spear

I want to buy a full size shield kama hii hapa chini. Naweza pata wapi ?

Itabidi karudishe donation ya 10m.Hakawezi kula alafu kaongee hivyo.

Can they be sworn in already…31st is fast approaching, then it will be 14th valentines day, then Easter, then Madaraka day, etc until Jamhuri day. They same next year until 2022 or they find something else to shift focus on and keep gullible few supporters on their toes.

Mundu mulosi alisema watu wafanye kazi hizi ni ndoto. Now that you are in government, can you get down to work. Alisikika akisema hivo hapo Kimilili



:D:D:D Bangi+changaa+mugukaa+redbull

waaaa, when was this taken

116Yrs ago !

Which community is that?

Ngoni People. Found in TZ, Malawi, Mozambique. Hawa ni wa Malawi.

They were the last bantu group to settle in TZ due to the wars in southern Africa?

According to my F2 history zilikuwa Mfecane Wars

Yeah, they split after Zwangendaba, the man who led them from South Africa died and several people wanted to succeed him.

They were a serious fighting force and fought their way from South Africa to Tanzania.

I almost passed them to be the Zulus

Bring money I bring you the shield and spear.