Kales scamming there own

With the recent happenings in uasin gishu county the primitive looting spree among the kalenjins from there own surprises me.
These are now bonobos bonafide. They are their worst enemies they are the victim’s of their arrogant corruption.
Primitive looting


what are you wonking about?


We have conmen kila pahali hapa Kenya.

Wizi ya wakale is off the charts. Primitive accumulation of wealth. Arap Singh was not so-named because of his knowledge of the bible.

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I agree mulot boys headed by @kalenjinkirdit is a terrible gang


Kale wamejaa kienyenji unaweka ball ukiingia mkia

They are fixing the handshake.

Watu wanaongea serious things affecting the country wewe ni mcea na balls , saitan takataka
angry will ferrell GIF